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Ulla Von Bernus: Satanist Neighbour of Monster of Rotenberg

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  • Ulla Von Bernus: Satanist Neighbour of Monster of Rotenberg

    Ulla Von Bernus

    Ursula Pia Freiin Von Bernus , called Ulla, (* 1913 , † 1999 [1] ) was the daughter of Alexander Freiherr von Bernus , (1880-1965), German writer and alchemist , and his second wife, the Baltic artist Imogen von Glasenapp , In 1929 he separated from this wife to marry a third time. Ulla became the most famous and controversial so-called black magician in Germany. Her fame is mainly due to appearances in the television program. The BILD newspaper also published several articles about Ulla von Bernus , even after her death. Late in her life she supposedly returned to Christianity. However, some circumstances of the subsequent period meant that this late change had to be doubtful.
    Statements of a Dr. According to Rita Lipecki, "Ulla von Bernus (...) was educated in Tibet in the 1930s by yellow or green-collar lamas and was a friend of the SS officer (Wilhelm) Landig, who had black magic-occult attacks in the mid-1990s against people who worked within the SS against the SS Contrary to the statements that are spread by Wolfgang Weirauch on the Flensburg books, she has never stopped working schwarmagisch until the end of her life. "

    Yes, it looks like Armin Meiwes interacted with her on a regular basis.

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    Von Bernus encouraged Armin to dismember Barbie dolls and barbecue them.

    (Firebirds among the Psychopaths, William Martens)


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      This case made me think that Occult of any sort is generally occurring in the vicinity of these murders or in the murderers vicinity.

      I find lots of similarities with the Murders in Whitechapel.

      She became "Germany's most famous witch" after she claimed in 1984 on a television program [2] that she was able to kill by means of magical practices, and that she offered similar services for prizes ranging from 300 to 10,000 marks.


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        The Ranters in Whitechapel were Paul Bunyon’s time (the 1600s). I have to look somewhere else. Ranters were homegrown so maybe something foreign.

        P.S. Beyond neighborhood influence or negative vibe, there are those who are involved directly. As I mentioned Armin Meiwes interacted with Ulla Von Bernus and was "in and out of her house" and she and his mother were best friends. She basically coached him.

        But I don't really believe in actual practitioners being murderers like Jack the Ripper. I mostly hold to "divested religious involvement".


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          We’ve grown accustomed to exciting titles that announce “the occult roots” of anything from Nazism to electronic music. While there’s certainly a lot of attention-grabbing h…

          ...modern occultism appears to have first emerged in early, pre-Marxist socialist circles. The pre-Marxist part is important here, for not only does occultism have socialist roots: Early socialism was itself aligned with thoroughly religious, even outright theocratic projects.....


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            Whitechapel doesn't really need anything spectacular like Ulla Von Bernus. It has its foreign input from practically everywhere around the world with politics and worldviews and dabbling in whatnot.

            It's not Rotenberg, Hesse. Hesse needed something spectacular, something out of the ordinary.