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Victorian Drug Abuse

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  • Victorian Drug Abuse

    Victorian Substance Abuse

    Victorians Secrets - Drug Abuse

    The Truth about Victoriana - Drug Abuse
    Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, the Church denounced everything and anything “eastern” as the “devil’s work” which meant drug addiction w...

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    Ah Mike,

    Seems my researh for A Study in Red was not in vain...hehe

    Best regards



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      Glad it's of some help Brian.


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        Thanks for these links, Mike. What we think of as drug abuse today was not viewed the same way back then when most patent medicines contained laudanum and other narcotic substances. Don't forget that when Coca-Cola started it actually contained extract from the coca plant.

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          True,true C.G.

          I wonder if the powers that were back in the LVP did their best to suppress drug use and abuse among the working classes ( Can't have Mr. Minimum Wage up all night high,can we? ) as they do today while turning a blind eye to those what have money as they do today....maybe the panacea of gin and beer was sufficient among proles...because it seems few from the working class ( I'm starting to sound like a pinko over here !!) had the dosh or desire to use narcotics on the level that Idle Rich and "artists" had...or could afford.

          I'm not in support of drug use by those who can't handle stimulants, but I think you know what I mean about the discrepancies when "Have's" get busted and "Have Nots" get pinched.

          Any other opinions?