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  • Hi!

    New member here, from Canada.
    Been to the Whitechapel area once and did a JTR tour back in the early 2000's.
    Would love to do it again once travel normalizes. Although, next time I will
    just the tour on my own.

    Looking forward to interacting with the forum and its members and
    discovering new ideas and opinions on this fascinating subject.

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    Welcome aboard, Steve. The JTR tours are memorable. I went on one seven years ago.

    The tours often end at Mitre Square. That's a site that still retains a recognizable connection with 1888 to some degree. Although I personally felt more drawn to the 1888 atmosphere when I went to The White Hart pub and then I walked through the passage to the old George Yard area, which is right next to the pub.

    If you tour the area on your own next time, then The White Hart pub may be a good place to start. Even if you've been there before, it's good to return to it. You may even see some fellow Ripperologists there.


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      Thanks, Joe
      Actually the end point of the JTR tour I took was BlackFriars Pub near BlackFriars Bridge.
      Blackfriars bridge having been where Roberto Calvi was found hung.