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  • New Avatars

    Any NEW avatars will be posted on this thread and may be appropriated for your immediate use.
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    Avatars, Page 2

    Time to start over again. Here's the latest in stock:

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      Still More Avatars

      Time to begin anew.

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        New 2007 Models

        Time for the new year models to roll out.
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          Mire avatars

          This year's models are now in stock. If you haven't found that perfect avatar yet, give these a look.


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            Lots of newer members may not know of this area. If you haven't found that perfect avatar yet, try these.

            Oh, and be sure to check the other threads in this forum.


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              Tim, is that REALLY what the corpse of an obese & unfortunate bungee-jumper looks like? I can't tell if it's real or if it's something you bought at it Hickory Farms.

              Your choices for new avatars are remarkably sick & creepy.
              Have you taken my free online Rorshach Ink-Blot Test yet?
              The results will be v-e-r-y interesting.

              Dr. Archaic


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                "choices for new avatars are remarkably sick & creepy" - gee, who'da ever thought that on a website dedicated to a murderer and mutilator of LVP prostitutes?

                Howard tried fluffy bunnies years ago, and we were getting about 3 posts per day. I then installed some bad boys, and look where we are today; now we get 3 posts while Howard is in the can.


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                  Spam Spam Spam (the good kind)

                  Yeah, yeah. Whats wrong with fluffy bunnies? Not Macho enough for you, tuff guy? Anyway, to hear him talk, Howard's always in the can.

                  So was the Bad-Luck Bungee Jumper in the photo something concocted with 1,000 tins of Spam? (Oh, no; if you tell me you ate it afterwards I'll be sick)
                  Or did you just Photo-shop Howard while he was nude-sun-bathing on the sidewalk again?

                  We used to have a pretty cool Spam Sculpture Contest out here in Seattle; my favorite Spam Concept was 'Spamhenge'.

                  Something tells me Mike Covell will be strangely inspired by that fact.


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                    Here's a new one with someone's name on it, er, her.


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                      That avatar doesn't hold a candle to this one,Sweetcheeks of The Southwest.....

                      Behold !
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                        A Hot one

                        It can be yours! But act quickly, supplies are limited.