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Mike Hawley On NBC News Radio January 11, 2019

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  • Mike Hawley On NBC News Radio January 11, 2019

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    It's hard to keep up with Mike.

    Hmmm...January 11th on NBC radio. Addressing an audience on January 15th in Tonawanda, NY. Then on January 22nd, I heard he will be on cable tv's Travel Network on a show called Legend House.

    And rumor has it that on January 26th he will be appearing at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas either on stage with Penn & Teller or singing in a Rat Pack foursome with Frank, Dean, and Sammy.

    OK, scratch that last one about Vegas. But the other three are good to go.


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      Mike's radio broadcast can be heard by our southern California Ripperologists at 1am on Monday Jan 21st on the NBC news affiliate station KCAA.

      In Los Angeles that is 106.4 FM on your dial.

      In Riverside, it's 102.3 FM.

      In Palm Springs, it's 1050 AM.

      For all our Mormon Ripperologists, it will broadcasted on station KYAH radio, 540 AM on the dial, in Salt Lake City.

      In Roswell, New Mexico it will be on station KJLL 107.7 FM.

      If a UFO can land in Roswell, then so can Mike's broadcast.