Morbid Anatomy
LAST CALL for tonight’s event! This Monday, April 12, join us for Morbid Ingenuity: American Autodecapitants, A Live Zoom Lecture with Writer Robert Damon Schneck
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Does beheading call to mind the grim excesses of state power or contemporary terrorism? Think again. For a small but dedicated group of nineteenth- and twentieth-century suicides, the construction of a home-made guillotine offered not only a quick, clean way out, but also a way to test their engineering skills quite literally to the limit, in a culture that celebrated ‘Yankee ingenuity.’
Robert Damon Schneck (@historianofthestrange) specializes in strange, obscure, and Fortean, American history. His books include The Bye Bye Man (2005) and the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Mrs. Wakeman vs. the Antichrist (2014); his story, “Bridge to Body Island” was adapted into the 2017 horror movie, “The Bye-Bye Man”. Follow and contact him at “Historian of the Strange” on Facebook.
Image: Un étrange suicide, Le Petit Parisien, 1903