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Albert Backert - yet more variant spellings!

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  • Albert Backert - yet more variant spellings!

    How Brown recently listed some variant spellings for Albert B's name. This article mentions two more - Bechert and Batchard!

    Reynold's Newspaper
    14 October 1888
    Mr. Bradlaugh, M.P., having written to Mr. Lushington, the Thames Police Court magistrate, in reference to an application made against him by a person giving the name of Batchard, in which it was stated that last week he had subpoenaed a witness whom he had not paid for his attendance, Mr. Lushington has replied as follows:-
    "Thames Court House, Stepney, Oct. 10, 1888.
    I am not aware of having expressed any opinion as to yourself or any debt alleged to be owed by you, beyond referring an applicant, who mentioned your name, to the county court as the only forum which could entertain any claim that he might have against you. I certainly expressed and could express no opinion whatever whether the claim was either legally or morally a just one. I am in no way responsible for whatever the reporters may have chosen to say, and am not aware what they did say. I am afraid it is one of the necessary penalties attaching to the fact of your being a celebrated public man that they should have caught up your name in so trivial a matter at all.
    Your obedient servant,
    F. Lushington.
    C. Bradlaugh Esq., M.P., 20 Circus Road, St. John's Wood."
    The following is from Mr. Bradlaugh's solicitor:-
    "23 Rood Lane, London E.C.
    Oct. 6, 1888.
    Dear Mr. Bradlaugh,
    My attention has been called to the report of an application made by a man named 'Batchard' or Bechert to the magistrate at the Thames Police court, and as you may wish to take some notice of it, I send you a copy of a letter written by my firm to Mr. Bechert on the 17th of April last. He attended the court on the following morning, and has never made any application for further payment, nor would he have been entitled to receive any if he had; 10s. per day is full scale allowance for a witness in his position.
    Yours faithfully,
    Thomas E. Harper.
    Charles Bradlaugh, Esq., M.P., George Hotel, Glasgow."
    "April 17, 1888.
    Bradlaugh a.t.s. Peters.
    Dear Sir,
    Enclosed we send you postal order value 10s. for your attendance as a witness on behalf of the defendant herein.
    Yours faithfully,
    Harper and Battcock.
    Mr. Albert Bechert, Gordon House, Newnham Street, Leman Street, E.

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    This matter came to court in April of 1889. The account below is from the Birmingham Daily Post of 17 April 1889.
    If it were not for the article in my first post I would not have known that the "Mr Batchard" in this court report is, in fact, Albert Backert of Newnham Street.


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      Nice work amigo !
      We're up to 7 variations and the original. Tumblety,Tumbelty,Twombelty,Kwomelty,Kwombelty has nothing on Bachert.


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        The one discrepancy is that "Batchard" is described as a cabinet maker, whereas Albert Bachert is consistently described as an engraver.
        However the the copy of the solicitor's letter in my first post which accompanied the 10s postal order, being sent to Albert Bechert of Gordon House, Newnham Street, puts it beyond doubt that "Batchard" the cabinet maker and "Bechert" the engraver are one and the same person.

        It is not clear whether "Batchard" is a misconstruction or mishearing of Bachert's name on the part of the solicitor or whether this was a variant of his name that Bachert used, in which case it may help in tracing what happened to him after 1901, currently the last view we have of him.


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          Here's one which does sort of show that Bachert might have been a few bricks shy of a load like Debs suggested.
          This time, as A.E. Beckart

          The Standard
          November 17,1891


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            Same story as previous....two different surname spellings.

            Western Mail
            November 17,1891

            Yorkshire Herald
            November 17,1891


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              An old & familiar article

              Lloyd's Weekly
              July 5,1891


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                While we pursue more variant spellings here in Chris Scott's thread...a couple of questions crossed my mind.

                1. How many of the original Mile End vigilance members were still with the group cranked up by Lusk & Aarons by 1891 ?

                2. If these articles that we locate give you the same vibe they give me, then how in the world did the other members tolerate this man, Albert Bachert, in the role of leader ?

                Another one... this time a nameless and crestfallen head of the WVC...

                Northeastern Daily Gazette
                July 7,1891


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                  3. Was there even a Whitechapel Vigilance Committee in operation at the time Bachert was making the news around mid-1891 ?

                  4. Is it possible that Bachert was the only member of the WVC at the time of these articles in mid 1891 ?

                  Daily News
                  July 27,1891


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                    The well known letter from the Ripper article...

                    Reynolds Newspaper
                    June 28,1891


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                      The well known rejection by Coroner Baxter of Bachert's presence at the Coles Inquest.

                      The Standard
                      February 16,1891


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                        Like Cinderella's fairy godmother said...Put all these stories together and what have you got... bibbidy bobbidy boo...or you see a man determined to be a fixture in the local press.


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                          Preceding the Coles Inquest, Bachert's well known story of the episode he witnessed near Leman Street Railway Station also contained what was a truly whopping that he was asked to appear at the Inquest.

                          Aha ! I just noticed one of my previous questions has been answered.
                          Notice Bachert stating that if the Coles murder was ascertained as having been committed by the Whitechapel Fiend at the hearings...he would then re-organize the WVC.

                          Al was apparently a Lone Ranger in February of 1891.

                          Pall Mall Gazette
                          February 14,1891


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                            Hi How
                            many thanks indeed for all the Backert articles
                            One thing in particluar, which I had never seen before, struck me.
                            This is the description of Backert as engraver and "reporter" which presumably was how he described himself.
                            What fascinates me about backert is his psychology and his motives for involving himself so heavily and so often in the case.
                            Was he a sort of Walter Mitty character, a would be reporter and/or police officer who longed to be at the heart of events?
                            Or was there something more sinister going on? There have certainly been examples of offenders involving themselves in the investigation - remember Soham.
                            With Backert I always get the feeling that there is much more going on than appears on the surface, but I am never sure what...


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                              Bachert had already been mentioned in the papers for his involvement at Trafalgar Square in early we know he had had his 15 minutes of fame before the WM...and judging by how often he appears in those papers in the next few years...he wasn't averse to publicity or whatever limelight an article in Lloyd's Weekly which mentioned his name no matter how they spelled it, would provide. I also had this thought that occured to me that the papers intentionally misspelled his they knew what his aims were...but thats just a far fetched thought.
                              In reference to those articles which were related to the WM, I get this impression,Chris, that Bachert used the WM for his benefit,similar to the way some entities within the press itself capitalized on the crimes.