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  • A Sensational Story

    The People
    October 19, 1890

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    I think it was Chris Scott who originally spotted that story many years ago. He had taken it from the Australian newspaper, Port Philip Herald. Chris had it posted here:

    The Australian newspaper reported that they took the story from the Oct 12, 1890 issue of the London newspaper, The People. But Howard has now shown us that the printing date in The People was actually Oct 19, 1890.

    A woman who was in contact with Albert Bachert shared her Ripper suspicions involving a former neighbor of hers.

    In the Australian edition, you'll find this sentence: "She also states that the man was in the habit of spending his evenings at the Tuns at Aldgate..."

    But in the original source newspaper, The People, it was written, "She also stated that the man was in the habit of spending his evenings at the Nuns at Aldgate..."

    This seemed to show that the suspected man was a regular customer at The Three Nuns Hotel. That spices things up a bit because Albert Bachert used to hang out at The Three Nuns Hotel bar, and on Oct 1, 1888 the London Times reported that Bachert was in that bar talking with a man. Bachert said that the man "...asked me questions which now appear to me to have some bearing upon the recent murders."