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    It actually says 'FROM THE PORT OF TO SYDNEY', so it's not clear where the destination port is. However, at the bottom it gives as it's source NSW arrivals.



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      Your right Gary. It's missing the starting Port. That might be the correct list then. Problem is, the lady stated the man was a Melbourne native. Are any of those towns on the list near Melbourne?

      To add to the mess, it would have to contain a J. McCarthy.

      Edit: (This guy is from Melbourne, but may be too young?) BRITE H J A. B. 20 MELBOURNE CREW


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        The article said the person was known as "jack" to friends and family, which suggests he had a "John" or "James" (were these abbreviated to Jack) in either his first name or middle names.

        Looking at the list from Sept 1889, this could be:
        J Emery (36 y.o) Liverpool crew
        LJA Fidler (22 y.o) London crew
        HJA Brite (20 y.o) Melbourne crew
        J Johnstone (24 y.o) Moray
        LJ Miranda (28 y.o) Londonery
        JP Henderson (24 y.o) Herons
        J McCarthy (41 y.o) London

        If the "crew" reference means where they came from, then it would probably be the London crew ?? - so Fidler or McCarthy.

        However, maybe he left the ship in Melbourne (this list is from Sydney) - so would not be on the list.

        What - I think (??) - we know is he left London in 1889, arrived in Melbourne on SS Murrumbidgee in September 1889, married someone soon after (assume between late 1889 - 1893) but she died within a year.

        James Canham Reade (mentioned in article) died in 1894 which is when the writer was talking to the suspect.

        The person left in 1904 to go to Durham, Africa working for Railway.

        If the suspect went to Scotch College Melbourne (a private presbyterian church school) and Dr Blair was a friend of the family, it is like the suspect was not from a poor family.

        It would be great to find the crew list that arrived in Melbourne,



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          Thanks Craig!,

          The other thing we need to look for is the St. Paul's Cathedral connection. Winslow's suspect had a habit of attending St Paul's in London on a daily basis, IIRC. The lady in Melbourne also mentioned that her "Jack" attended St Paul's in Melbourne. The Presbyterian school (Scotch College) leads to some possible truth there. (religious that is)


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            Courtesy of Jerry Dunlop....

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              Thank you for posting these, Howard!

              After a little research (very little), I am interested in the man named H.J. Bride (aged 20). He is the only man I see originating (birth) in Melbourne. His previous ship was the Roslin Castle. I found two significant ships of that name. One was a convict ship but I think it traveled earlier in the 1800's. The other was a mail ship that traveled along the east coast of South Africa. The lady in the story stated before he arrived in Melbourne from London, he spent several years in South Africa.

              So, with a young man of 20 years AND spending time in South Africa for a few years, what age would he have been if he finished school at Scotch College? Was that school equivalent to high school where he may have finished at age 16 to 18? If so, there is a chance he finished at Scotch College and left for South Africa and then on to London in 1888 as a 19 year old. Seems a little young for "Jack", but who knows.

              Also of interest, this note was by his name at arrival in Melbourne on the 21st of September, 1889.

              "to have been signed off, but did not come for his discharge."

              He is one of a few that doesn't show any wages owed, which could mean he worked his passage, which would fit the story.


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                This is probably another coincidence, but a lot of it seems to fit the details of the lady's story.

                In a recent search I found a John Bride, born in 1870, in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Scotch College is located in Hawthorn. Also, not too far from Hawthorn (about 3 miles) is Alfred Hospital, where Dr. Blair worked. St. Paul's Cathedral was also about 3 miles from Hawthorne and a block and a half away from Dr Blair's last known address at 101, Collins-street east.


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                  John bride

                  Hi Jerry,

                  I just saw this research - well done ! This sounds like the one.

                  On Ancestry, I found Henry John Bride, birth registered in 1872 in Melbourne.

                  Parents John Bride and Margaret Toomey.

                  He married Fanny Jeanie McPherson Martin inMelbourne in 1901, had 4 children and lived in Melbourne

                  I couldn't find any evidence of him living in London at time of census

                  All the best