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Winslow & Backert October 1889

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  • Winslow & Backert October 1889

    The dynamic duo together in one article......

    South Wales Echo
    October 29, 1889

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    Hi all

    I have always thought that Albert Bachert was an interesting character, intimately involved in what was happening concerning the murders. By contrast, Forbes Winslow, less so -- a bit of a busybody and a contradictory know-it-all and ultimately, for me, a nut case.

    I submit that Bachert might be a better candidate for being the East End murderer than a lot of other proposed candidates with only peripheral involvement with what was going on in Whitechapel in 1888 or else, for goodness sake, no provable link to the crimes, which characterizes too many of the "suspects" that have been proposed. As the late Des McKenna observed over 20 years ago, this case continues to suffer too much from "Hunt the Ripper." Cf Des's article "Let's Play Hunt the Ripper" in Ripperologist, No. 31, October 2000.

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      Martin Roberts thought the so-called "Lunigi Letter" was written by James Cockburn Gloster, the west-end OB/GYN.


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        Don't forget Winslow tampered with the letter purportedly coming to him from the Ripper by changing the date on the letter, from 1888 to 1889.

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