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Winslow : Florence Maybrick Activist

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  • Winslow : Florence Maybrick Activist

    East London Advertiser
    July 16, 1904
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    Back in those days any sort of mental illness was called epileptic such as in this article describing The Lodger/Ripper.

    This becomes somewhat humourous in consideration of an Old Bailey case of murder. The defendant claimed lack of responsibility due to epilepsy which became worse when he drank.

    The judge said an epileptic should know enough not to drink, therefore the man had caused his own problems, epilepsy wasn't a mitigating factor and the death penalty was invoked. I could not determine if any mercy was shown. Some of those cases end with death but the person is reprieved, such as with Kate _____ in that other Dorset Street case.
    The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript