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Edward Hardwicke Interview 2 Parts

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  • Edward Hardwicke Interview 2 Parts

    This "Daytime Live" interview was found on the Sherlock Holmes Complete Granada Television Series box set. Personally, I prefer David Burke over him as Dr. W...

    Screen shot from a YouTube program with Edward Hardwicke.

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    My son in law looks a lot like Doyle's son...a whole lot, matter of fact.

    Anyway....I forgot to mention that within the fine 2 part interview....Hardwicke mentions that as a child, Nigel Bruce was a regular at his home, having been a close friend to Sir Cedric Hardwicke.
    Edward Hardwicke didn't know Nigel portrayed Dr. Watson in the films....only that he was an actor.
    Edward has some nice things to say about Nigel Bruce.

    Following was featured in Ripperologist Magazine...Issue 120...written rather nicely by Jon Rees :