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Stead and The Malay Article : Situation Ethics In Action

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  • Stead and The Malay Article : Situation Ethics In Action

    Yes indeedy folks...that social reforming, thorn in the side of the police, do goodin', self promoting, child nappin', prisoner with a cause, W.T. Stead actually placed this in his Pall Mall Gazette the day after the Kelly murder.

    Imagine the howls of indignation had he had a sizeable Malaysian constituency who read the PMG.

    This was nothing more than an attempt to scoop the other papers in the wake of the atrocity in Millers Court. That it focused on an ethnic group with no political clout or "connected" friends in London is noteworthy.

    Yes, the article is old hat and all that. Yet, ask yourself why it seldom surfaces when bleeding hearts and anti-establishmentarians take SRA to task about his alleged prejudices or assumed prejudicial statements which he at least corrected.

    Front page the day after the Kelly murder, folks....not tucked away in a magazine 22 years later.

    The Pall Mall Gazette (London, England)
    Saturday, November 10, 1888

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