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    Originally posted by Stan Reid View Post
    Does anyone have any information on a 2013 true crime book entitled Exposing Jack the Stripper by Fergus Mason?
    I have a copy Stan - very short book suggesting Harold Jones, the killer from Abertillery in Wales was JtS

    You could probably read all of it in about 30mins to an hour

    No references if I remember correctly

    Nothing in it you couldn't find on the internet


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      Thanks Nemo; any pictures?


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        Hi Stan

        I'm pretty certain there were no pictures

        It appeared to me to have been constructed via photocopier, very poor quality

        I'll try and dig it out tomorrow to recap (and make sure it's the same book - lol)


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          Hi all,

          Managed to read this book yesterday and I tend to agree with Nemo.

          Stan: No pictures.

          I should add that the book is a reasonable summary of what is known about the case. I think the author is even handed about the suspects.

          As I said yesterday, I got the ebook for £1.92 from Amazon and at that price it's not a waste of money.
          "From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord deliver us."


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            Thanks Dave

            My hardcopy is 119 pages long, about 30 pages worth throughout the book being (sometimes inexplicably) blank

            For some reason the index at the front doesn't tally in any way with the pages in the book, for example, the bibliography is indicated to be at page 88, whereas it is at pg 118, so you can see how far out the index is

            It's like a very basic primer for the case published by "Absolute crime" who promise to focus on crimes you've probably never heard of but want to read more about (?)

            In the introduction it also says...

            Remember, our books are not meant for the faint at heart. We don't hold back-if a crime is bloody, we let the words splatter across the page so you can experience the crime in the most horrifying way!

            The only references are in the bibliography which is a list of 12 weblinks, most being connected to the TruTV site


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              Thanks fellows


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                Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post

                I did a quick look on Ancestry, but as of yet, haven't been able to locate a William Ewing from Lackawanna County ( which is where the city of Scranton is situated ).

                I'll give 'er a go later on...unless someone else more capable with geneaology could take a gander.

                Send me the map and I'll fix it so it comes up nice on the previous post.

                `Hi Howard

                Just a foot note to this.. I do now know what happened to Hannah Tailford's daughter. I dont wish to say to much as this is confidencial information to the family, which I am happy to pass on to members of the family if they contact me.. time has left me without recent contacts

                But Linda did not go to Australia or USA. She stayed in London and was adopted by a lovely family and now has children of her own. So a HAPPY ending.

                What happened to Lynch is still a mystery.

                Yours Jeff


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                  Hannah Tailford's murder has just passed the 50 year mark.


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                    Originally posted by Stan Reid View Post
                    Hannah Tailford's murder has just passed the 50 year mark.
                    Yep but the files are still closed and speculation on events will continue until they open them fully to a respected historian...not the chaos of the Seabrook afair..

                    I know that members of the Tailford family from time to time check the boards and would welcomb them contacting me

                    Yours Jeff


                    • The 50th Aniversary of Hannah Tailford's murder was 2nd February..

                      Gwynneth Rees body was discovered on 4th March 1964

                      So very much an anniversary of the whole affair this year. To my knowledge its not being recognised by anyone in the media.

                      May they rest in peace

                      Yours Jeff


                      • That is odd that it's not being acknowledged. I have posted them here, on CB and at least.


                        • Originally posted by Stan Reid View Post
                          That is odd that it's not being acknowledged. I have posted them here, on CB and at least.
                          Not to my knowledge Stan.. unless someone knows differently.

                          The fact that the files are still under lock and key might be a reason for this.. Strangely lots of files from this period still are...

                          Yours Jeff


                          • Anniversary- Who was JAck the Stripper?

                            The anniversary coming up and doing a little more research I yesterday recapped: WHo was Jack the Stripper? by Neil Milkins

                            Despite its sometimes wandering clarity, I really must recommend this book as the best 'factual' account of the Jack the Stripper created so far, whether you believe Harold Jones the killer or not.

                            Neil places a fair and balanced view of both victims and suspects. And clearly was cearful and considerate when dealing with families of both.

                            Unfortunately he doesn't connect Harrold Jones to the killings and to his credit doesnt try to knock any square pegs into round holes. He simply lets a number of tantilizing coinsidences hang in the air.

                            On balance he also publishes letters from Harrold Jones daughter describing him as a model father and letters from Mungo Irelands grandson giving an account of Mungo as a war hero fighting on HMS Penelope.

                            At his crux Neil reaches a number of conclusions I have myself.

                            1. The missing teeth only pertain to the last victims held in Storage at the electrical substation on Heron Industrial estate. The teeth were probably removed post mortum by the killer as trophies.

                            2. Whoever the killer was he had access to the substation. Neil fails to connect Jones to the industrial estate. But makes the interesting observation that Ireland's connection wasnt until after the first two bodies stored there were dumped?

                            3. He makes some interesting geographical connection between Jones and Ireland and places Hannah Tailfords stollen cheque from the same area.

                            4. He fails to cap on the most interesting piece of New information. That Mungo Ireland was closely related to a brothel Maid.. He claims to know the name but doesnt publish... Its tantilizing to speculate how close..vary close.. But without a 'Brothel' to connect all the pieces of the jig saw.. Jones , Ireland and the Victims .. it leads us nowhere. It seems improbable that it was Mungo Irelands address as it was small, they had a loger..Harry Ireland and five children...

                            So i'd like to know more about the brothel Maid, where she worked and if she came into contact with the victims?

                            As for Harrold Jones despite his daughters claims that he was a good father it is hard to disagree with Neil Melkin that he still posed a threat when released. He makes a case conecting alot of Murders with vary different MO's something everyone should be cautious of.. But the fact remains that the MO in the Stripper murders vary vastly different to those of the Jack the Ripper murders.

                            Neil is also left with the same problem many JtR suspects are left with.. If he was still alive and living in the area (Vary close to Ohara and Brown) why did he suddenly stop? Serial killers like this dont.. they may lay dormant for a while but they don't by and large stop. If Neil is correct it would certainly give new wind to many Jack the Ripper suspects.

                            Whatever the truth the key to the Stripper murders lays with the Electric Substation.. All the files still exist and its tempting to speculate that someone going back over them might notice something others have missed. While it's interesting that the substation was next door to a car spray paint shop, less has been made of the fact that on the other side was a Film development lab.

                            Yours Jeff


                            • It occured to me that some researchers had had success looking through School records with JtR suspects...

                              Harrold Jones was described on his death certificate as 'Care Taker'

                              Would it be possible to search for a Harrold Jones or Harry Stephens through local authority or education records?

                              Establishing where he worked and if he could drive might tie up some of these questions? And create a better picture

                              Yours Jeff


                              • Originally posted by Stan Reid View Post
                                Does anyone have any information on a 2013 true crime book entitled Exposing Jack the Stripper by Fergus Mason?
                                Judging by the other comments, it sounds like a poor quality rip off of Neil Milkins book.
                                I have Seabrooks & McConnells books, as well as Milkins.