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Berkowitz : Born To Kill ?

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  • Berkowitz : Born To Kill ?

    Narrated by a Brit, this documentary features the 1976-77 skein of the so-called Son Of Sam.

    Similarities between Berkowitz and the Ripper ?
    ....from the .44 Caliber Killer to The Son Of Leather Apron eventually turned into Jack The Ripper...
    ..their skeins are considered the most infamous ever in their respective domains ( New York & Britain ).
    ...The Summer of Sam....The Autumn of Terror....
    ...both relied on the darkness to aide them in their reigns of terror
    ...missives are featured in their respective case histories
    ...both skeins held the respective cities in terror.... and where no woman ( despite the comments made by Robert Anderson in the Whitechapel Murders to the contrary ) felt safe.

    Do you feel...after these past 35 years since his trial....that like Berkowitz, a self described non entity....that the Ripper was and would probably have admitted that he too was a loser ?
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    Hi Howard

    I recently watched a programme about the Son of Sam

    I noted how many people were suggested as the killer by the public and was contemplating some similarities with the Ripper case

    In the programme I was surprised how many policemen considered there to be multiple shooters, though Berkowitz claimed he was present at each murder, but he didn't pull the trigger on all of them

    The other miscreants were supposedly part of a Satanic cult

    I was about to re-read "Ultimate Evil" by Maury Terry which I thought made a pretty good case first time I read it

    I remember something about the victims being selected rather than being random, which I found hard to believe at the time

    As for your question, if the Ripper was at all sane then I think he might postulate that whether he was a nonentity or not, that he had the police and the rest of the World flummoxed at his identity, so increasing his personal worth in his own mind

    I can imagine him discussing the case with others and having a bit of a laugh to himself at some of the comments and opinions

    It depends a lot on his motive I think