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Harold Jones Serial killer or loving family man?

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  • Harold Jones Serial killer or loving family man?

    Hello Everyone

    I went looking for a thread on Harold Jones and was surprised that he has not been discussed before on the boards.

    At the age of 15 in 1921 Abertillery, Wales he coldly raped and murdered a young girl, hid her body. Returned later and dumped the body. When arested he pleaded his inocence, was tried released and returned to his home town a hero and within a few days murdered another young girl.

    He pleaded guilty to prevent himself being hanged before his 16th Birthday and was locked in Broadmoore. To this point a fairly typical serial killer. Some might argue similar to Brady or Huntley...

    But its here that Jones differs and it has struck me how interesting his case actually is.. Jones was released in 1941 from Wansworth prison and by all 'Known' accounts lived a happy normal life in London married with a family who claim he was a loving father.

    Can serial killers repent and change their spots? And is Jones a unique example of this?

    or is Neil Milkins right to question this and link him to a number of other murders including the Hammersmith Nude Murders.

    Harold Jones is a fascinating study because however you look at him as a serial killer he appears to break all the 'preconceived' in the book? And several I have postulated myself..

    Did he travel considerable distances to commit other murders..

    Was he a Schizophrenic as claimed by Milkin following information passed by Stewart Evans in an interesting finally to his book 'Who was Jack the Stripper?' Surely if he was he breaks all the 'rules' we understand about Paranoid Schizophrenics, who by and large develop the traits later in life, like Peter Sutcliff.

    Actually Harold Jones makes an interesting case as he's one of the few known serial killers to survive the hangman's loose, and apparently contradict so many of the 'rules' (Actually more guide lines as they say in Pirates of the Carabean)

    Is he another example of a Colin Ireland type killer? Is he to old to have been Jack the Stripper? and if not why does he suddenly stop with Bridget OHara and live out his final days in peace and quiet...if he indeed did..

    Is Harold Jones not the biggest 'Question Mark' in the anals of crime?

    Yours Jeff