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Sean Gillis- The Baton Rouge Ripper & Derrick Todd Lee- Baton Rouge SK

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  • Sean Gillis- The Baton Rouge Ripper & Derrick Todd Lee- Baton Rouge SK

    Steve Jessup located this program on Gillis on YouTube....watching it now.

    Between 1994 and 2003 Sean Gillis abducted, raped, murdered and dismembered at least 8 women in Baton Rouge, LA. 1 of 3 active serial killers in the area at the time. 2 targeting women, 1 targeted men. Gillis was pretty brazen with some of his abductions, including one woman he stalked in her own neighborhood and as she was jogging Gillis struck her with his car and threw her in the trunk. When DNA and other evidence tied Gillis to the crimes the people who knew him were beyond stunned. As is the case with many successful "long-term" serial killers no one saw warning signs and no one believed Gillis to be capable of such extreme violence.
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    Derrick Todd Lee

    At the same time Gillis was 'active' in Baton Rouge....Lee, a negro, was too.
    He's also an example of a killer from one race who murders women from another......sort of like the animal who they just caught in Brazil.

    This is an example of two serial killers active at the same time.
    In the 1980's, Philadelphia featured three serial killers who were active simultaneously, although Marty Graham, Gary Heidnik, and the 'Frankford Slasher' were completely different types of serial killers.
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