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The Chicago Cub & The Chicago Ripper

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  • The Chicago Cub & The Chicago Ripper

    Milt Pappas was a pitcher for the Cubs, Orioles, Reds, etc..during his career.

    The man mentioned, Tom Kokoraleis, was one of the infamous Chicago Rippers...a gang of 3-4 young men who committed terrible mutilation/murders in the Chicago region.

    On September 11, 1982, Pappas’ wife, Carole, disappeared after leaving the couple's home in the Farnham subdivision in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton. For five years, no sign was found of her car, her clothing, or her body. One theory was that Carole Pappas was killed by a group of four men known as the Ripper Crew, as part of a satanic ritual. In 1984, Tom Kokoraleis, who was convicted for the murder of Lorraine Borowski, led police to a field where Carole Pappas was allegedly buried, but searchers could find no remains.

    In 1987, almost five years to the day she disappeared, workers draining a shallow pond four blocks from the Pappas home discovered the car she had been driving, a white and burgundy 1980 Buick, as well as her body. A DuPage County coroner's jury ruled the cause of death as drowning. Police theorized she mistook a driveway near the pond for a road leading to her subdivision, vaulting 25–30 feet from the bank into the pond. Carole Pappas, a recovering alcoholic, may have been drinking; however, blood alcohol content could not be confirmed.

    State Journal Register
    Springfield, Illinois
    January 1, 1983
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