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A Serial Killer May Be Preying On Women In Chicago

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  • A Serial Killer May Be Preying On Women In Chicago

    The article includes the word 'black' before the word 'women'.....but the article states 1/4 of the victims were not black. Best to include them in as well, isn't it ?

    The murders share a number of characteristics. They’re all strangulations. They took place on Chicago’s South and West sides over the last two decades. All of the victims were women and more than three-quarters were African-American women. And the list goes on from there.

    1/4 of 51 is 13. They count, too.

    Personally, I'm of the opinion that these 51 murders are almost certainly the work of multiple were the Atlanta Ripper murders of 110 years ago.

    Chicago has to be the most effed up city in the US for crime these days.
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    For Immediate Release: Activist from all Chicago over 10 groups will Protest outside of FBI Chicago Urging & Demanding Justice & Investigation to Determine If There’s a Serial Killer Targeting Black Women. Groups involved thus far Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters, Chicago Social Justice Network, Demand Justice, Tikkun Chai International (Humanitarian Project) Black Lives Matters Lake County, Brotha Rod Da Messenger WE’FA.US, Neighborhood Rebuild, Tio Hardiman, Bishop Gregg L.Greer, Rabbi Micheal Ben Yosef, Dr.Matt Harrington, Andrea and a growing list of multiple community activist.

    The Chicago Police Department is revisiting the unsolved killings of more than 50 women across the city since 2001, facing pressure from community activists who say the string of slayings suggest a serial murderer is on the loose.

    The CPD investigation follows a report by the Virginia-based Murder Accountability Project, a nonprofit group that analyzes information about homicides, which argued that the 51 killings — in which most of the victims died by asphyxiation — bore the “characteristics of a serial murderer.”

    Just as Jack The Ripper terrorized London in 1888, killing at least five women and mutilating their bodies in an unusual manner, indicating that the killer had a substantial knowledge of human anatomy. The culprit was never captured—or even identified—and Jack the Ripper remains one of England’s, and the world’s, most infamous.

    It is with this tragic thought in mind that activist would ask for a urgent Public Service Announcement notices and convening a task force to take immediate actions to protect members of the community. While we all should understand that this is a very serious matter, urgency can be placed, and also certain steps should be taken to ensure a sense of urgency to assist in attempts curtaining as further murders.

    For our part the activist will work with, CPD, Chief Johnson, and Police officials and any group to protect those members of our community. You still have time to do something about this issue but urge CPD to immediately change the trajectory and began informing the public.

    Activist are hoping that this effort stand out amoungst the first initiatives and are urging Lori Lightfoot to act .For the Record we will continue our efforts to draw immediate public attention to this travesty of justice-this is taking our future.

    Hope they don't forget the other 13 female victims...
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