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    Serial Killer Myth: They Travel and Kill Widely
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    I think that is kind of a weak article. It is unknown how many long haul truckers may be serial killers and there have been a number of others in addition to Bundy, who travelled.

    Researching something like the Beaumont childrens' dissapearance in 1966 Australia leads to some suspects who were known to travel and kill. Maybe it could be argued that killers with regular, travelling work routines find their 'home' base along known routes.

    There are lots of unidentified bodies and missing people. I suggest the travelling serial killer is poorly understood and poorly counted because little is known of the phenomonon.

    There are at least two infamous serial killers who killed in different countries. When the activity got too difficult in one location, the killer relocated to a place far away.

    Not to mention that today's serial killers frequently use vehicles to acquire and transport victims. Gary Ridgway for instance killed and discarded basically close to home but as I recall, a number of victims were found about 30 miles from his home. Didn't Arthur Shawcross do the same?

    I don't think any of this applies to JtR because I believe he was a local fellow. In that time I would think the opportunities to have travelling serial killers would have been slim though not impossible.
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