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  • Conversations with a serial killer

    Conversations With A Serial Killer, starts Tuesday, 4th November at 10pm. Living TV

    Conversations With A Serial Killer, traces the lives of some of the most fascinating serial killers of our time through a blend of documentary, archive material, eye-witness accounts and, putting the unique LIVING twist on the crime genre, also paranormal investigation. This show is a must for Most Haunted fans or anyone with an interest in true crime stories and serial killers.

    The series hopes to open up a spiritual dialogue with deceased infamous murderers who have terrified and fascinated people for years, as well as documenting their lives and investigating the influences upon their earthly existences.

    Each episode will feature British investigative journalist Julie MacDonald and American psychic medium and ex cop, Bobby Marchesso. They will look into the lives of one infamous serial killer per episode, tracing their lives and attempting to spiritually communicate with these tortured souls, perhaps haunting the locations they frequented when they were alive. Julie and Bobby will track the lives of serial killers Ted Bundy, Aileen Wurnos, Albert DeSalvo (The Boston Strangler), John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Trenton Chase, Belle Gunness and Charles Starkweather, visiting the locations where these renowned serial killers lived, worked and preyed on their victims.

    The journey across America offers compelling, yet terrifying, insight into the most complicated killers in history, accessing those who knew them, feared them and caught them. Exposing the dark side of America the team searches for the spirits of these horrific butchers, whose names still haunt the world and have become synonymous with their crimes. There will also be first-hand accounts from surviving victims, psychologists, school teachers, criminologists and psychologists to help understand what made these killers tick.

    This is a fascinating series that will have you spooked from beginning to end.

    Conversations With A Serial Killer: Ted Bundy, starts Tuesday, 4th November at 10pm.

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    Those of us that attended the first US Ripper Conference back in 2000 will no doubt remember the seriously chilling audio interview with Ted Bundy that Stephen Michaud played to us.

    Here's a link to Stephen's website: