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    OK, here's my tally of 6 Boston Strangler inspired movies excluding documentaries in order of release:

    1-The Strangler (1964) Set in a nondescript large city, this film was said to be based on the case and came out before DeSalvo turned up.

    2-The Boston Strangler (1968) The signature film on the crimes.

    3-No Way to Treat a Lady (1968) Although the location was moved to NYC, this black comedy was supposedly inspired by the Boston Strangler case.

    4-The Boston Strangler (2006) I believe a direct to DVD docudrama as best I can tell on IMDb.

    5-Boston Strangler: The Untold Story (2008) Saw this one and would call it mediocre.

    6-The Boston Stranglers (2010) An in-the-works movie with a famous director said to be based on Susan Kelly's book.

    These are the only ones I know about.


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      Originally posted by Stan Reid View Post
      Speaking of Unsolved Mysteries, I see that Karl Malden died today at age 97. He was the first regular host after Raymond Burr did the pilot. The current Dennis Farina hosted programs are just reordered versions of the Robert Stack show with some updates, as far as I can tell. Hopefully, they will eventually produce some original programs since it was the best show that was ever on television in my opinion.
      I miss Unsolved Mysteries. I practically grew up watching Robert Stack on tv every week. I rented the DVDs of it from the video store a few years back and really enjoyed it. While all the other teens were watching 90210 and the Cosby's I was watching Unsolved Mysteries, Cops, AMW, Xfiles, and the news.


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        Unsolved Mysteries was a pretty damned good series for sure.
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          Hi Deb and How,

          Yes, loved Robert Stack. I was mainly interested in the true-crime segments but a good flying saucer or sea monster story was fun too.


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            Unsolved Mysteries was possibly in my Top 3 most favorite shows of all time. Robert Stack was the man!


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              It does puzzle me some that Unsolved Mysteries never covered JtR though. They did do foreign mysteries so that wasn't the reason. Perhaps they thought it was too big to fit into a 12 minute segment.

              Anyway back to the Boston Strangler, I wonder who'd win a suspect poll. I think it would depend on whether you asked a general group or people who were actually students of the case.


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                You're probably right seems as if only one or two serial killers have been able to encourage message board communities.

                Its sort of unusual that the Boston Strangler hasn't encouraged people from the Greater Boston area to set up a board.

                I remember a woman in Alabama ( a friend of my Mom's ) who lived in the Boston area during the early 1960's at the time of the murders who told my mom that she had to grant access to her building's basement to a worker for the local electric company and being terrified during his stay. She had let him go to the basement without "thinking' and then when he got down there, "remembered" the murders that were currently being acted out. Considering that the Strangler(s) were committing indoor murders of non-prostitutes, I am a little puzzled at the absence of a community...maybe not to the extent that we have one....but one with stories to share from a murder skein that was not that long ago and one that many members here can remember as if it was yesterday.
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                  Hi How,

                  Yes as far as unsolved serials go, Zodiac and JtR seem to be the only ones with a big internet presence.

                  I remember when the Boston case was all over the news but I wasn't directly affected here in IL. At the same time, there was some limited coverage here in the U.S. of the Strangler's contemporary in England, Jack the Stripper.


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                    I thought I'd give this old thread a bump since the 50th anniversary of the first canonical Boston Strangler murder, Anna Slesers, is the day after tomorrow.


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                      There was a release today stating that there was a "familial match" between the killer of Mary Sullivan, the final Boston Strangler victim, and DeSalvo. This is big news and could lead me to reassess. Further tests are being undertaken to confirm this result.


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                        I look forward to your thoughts on this Stan

                        It seems significant to me that he made a lot of mistakes when describing this specific crime, yet seems to be responsible for it

                        That obviously affects how other mistakes in his confessions should be considered


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                            They already exhumed DeSalvo & Sullivan once, in 2001, and DNA tests determined DeSalvo was innocent?

                            ''We have evidence that is strongly indicative that Albert DeSalvo was not the rapist-murderer of Mary Sullivan,'' said James E. Starrs, a lawyer and forensic investigator at George Washington University, where he is also a professor.


                            Now police say they have the physical proof they've been looking for all along — thanks, of course, to modern DNA technology. Police announced on Thursday that they are "in a position" to charge DeSalvo with the murder of Mary Sullivan, who was the final victim in 1964.

                            Doesn't it beg the question, what will they find in another ten years?
                            Regards, Jon S.
                            The theory that the murderer is a lunatic is dispelled by the opinion given to the police by an expert in the treatment of lunacy patients......."If he's insane
                            " observed the medical authority, "he's a good deal sharper than those who are not".
                            Reynolds Newspaper, 4 Nov. 1888.


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                              I'd be interested in an explanation why the first test had a different result and how exclusive this latest finding is.


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