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Ain't She Lucky ? Meghan Markle Is Kin To Jeff Mudgett !

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  • Ain't She Lucky ? Meghan Markle Is Kin To Jeff Mudgett !

    Mudgett sez :

    The claim comes from Holmes’s great-great-grandson, American lawyer Jeff Mudgett, who recently discovered that he and Markle are eighth cousins. If that connection is correct, then it would mean that Markle, too, is related to Holmes.

    While finding out that you’re related—however distantly—to a man believed to have murdered 27 people isn’t something you’d probably want to share with Queen Elizabeth II when asking her to pass the Yorkshire pudding at Christmas dinner, what makes the story even more interesting is that Mudgett believes that his great-great-grandpa was also Jack the Ripper!

    Mudgett came to this conclusion based on Holmes’s personal diaries, which he inherited. In 2017, American Ripper—an eight-part History Channel series—investigated Mudgett’s belief that Holmes and Jack were indeed one and the same.

    When asked about his connection to Markle, and their shared connection to Holmes—and, possibly, Jack the Ripper—Mudgett replied:

    “We did a study with the FBI and CIA and Scotland Yard regarding handwriting analysis. It turns out [H. H. Holmes] was Jack the Ripper. This means Meghan is related to Jack the Ripper. I don’t think the Queen knows. I am not proud he is my ancestor. Meghan won’t be either.”

    ************************************************** ****

    Mudgett got scads of attention out of his kinship to Holmes, yet says he isn't proud of that fact.... why did he make such a big production out of a possible connection to Jack The Ripper ?$?$?$

    What a steaming load this guy is.

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    Geez! All our tabloids are featuring headlines this week that Prince Harry and Meghan got in a fight with the Queen and she threw them out of the royal family and took away their allowance! Maybe now Enquiring minds will know the cause, see post below... (If this comment is in bad taste on an international forum I will be happy to delete. I have a lot of respect for Queen Elizabeth.)

    In the interest of pointing out the inventiveness and sheer bottom feeding of certain publications, what I related above was actually in a well known U.S. scandal sheet, story supplied by a "palace insider" of course. I see now there is a much more serious story with the same basic elements. I guess the original story was a gamble that they would get the story right, which they didn't, but their reputation is so bad it will all be forgotten with future 'news' stories like maybe, 'Space Aliens Pushed Natalie Wood Overboard, According to Boat Captain'.
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