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    You sure this wasn't Jack da Rapper?


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      All kidding aside, don't you see the similarities between the WM and this series in..I suppose you would call it...the structure of an unsolved skein of murders ?

      1. After a few murders, people assail the police for not finding the killer.
      2. The press gives the killer a name.
      3. The locals offer rewards and offer to patrol the streets
      4. Women of the evening are practically begged to get indoors
      5. Copycats or those who were resting just under the dust are brought out ( the woman who dressed up like a man in the Atlanta case)
      6. Suspects are mentioned and considered promising....but then released.
      I have found a few articles where negroes lynched negroes ( which you'll never hear about in today's managed educational system) and I was surprised that no attempts to breach the jails to lynch either Huff or Henderson were made by negroes themselves.
      ...and so on and so forth.

      See if you can reply sometime this year. I have a life to live and can't wait around for months for a response from you... you potatohead.


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        For some reason, I cannot locate the source at the moment for this commentary on the Atlanta murders...but I will.


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            Thanks for those interesting bits.
            A White man would have stood out like a sore thumb in those neighborhoods..

            It struck me while looking into the papers that when this guy Brown was nabbed and apparently confessed to that one murder...that the police might have been happy to have one solid suspect after all the hassle they went through trying to catch the killer....and based on that, just nailed him with all the counts.

            I could see that occurring in the WM....that had someone been caught for one murder, that they, the prosecution team, would have tried very hard to connect him to all of them, confession or not, considering the circumstances. I might be wrong here, but the thought did occur to me.

            Thanks again old man.


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              I'd generally agree Howard

              Guilty by implication and circumstantial evidence

              However, wasn't it that Grant Grainger chappie who was caught red-handed stabbing a woman because she was "extortionate" (Shades of Liz Stride?) ?

              He must have been very close to being tried convicted as the Ripper, but wasn't

              It's also been mentioned before that numerous other suspects were discounted as being the Ripper because they had alibis for some of the dates of the murders

              For example, If arrested, there might be as much chance that the killer of Nichols, Eddowes and Chapman may have escaped because he had an alibi for Kellys murder

              The Atlanta murders also mirror the escalation of possibly numerous single murders into a series with the perpetrator as some "monster"


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                Good points. I'll get back with ye today after work. These Atlanta crimes, in a least to me, can be seen as representative of what might have happened had one man been convicted for one murder in the WM.


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                  15 Copycats ?

                  What if a London grand jury had decided that the murder victims in the Whitechapel Murder case had been killed by separate individuals ?

                  Nemo first brought this article to light on this thread....I just added the question above.

                  Atlanta Constitution
                  March 3, 1912


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                    I admit that is has been a good while since I read about these cases, but somehow I don't quite buy this. In "each case"? In "almost every case"? Well, which is it? Each? Or almost every? Or was it "in almost every instance?"


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                      There are several articles on this case which haven't been put on the boards that appeared after the previous 3/3/12 piece in the Constitution.
                      One of these days,I'll put them up.
                      Its an interesting skein,for sure.


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                        How, I've been meaning to ask you, since you started posting these articles, did you look at the Macon newspaper? I tried to, but it uses some format that I don't have and that I'm not familiar with, and I couldn't get in. I think there's a chance there may be some more articles there. Can't promise, of corpse, but there's a chance. I believe it's called the Macon Telegraph.


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                          We can access the Telegraph...I'll give 'er a go later on...thanks for the suggestion.


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                            Good! I'll keep an eye out, then. It'll be good to know if there is anything. Thanks, How.


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                              Atlanta Ripper Book

                              I thought I would mention that there's a new book out on the Atlanta Ripper:

                              The Atlanta Ripper: The Unsolved Case of the Gate City's Most Infamous Murders, by Jeffery Wells.

                              This is a small book, 101 pages of text, including a few pictures. Wells is a local historian.

                              If this is posted elsewhere, I apologize for the redundancy.


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                                Thanks for mentioning the book !