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The Unsolved Atlanta Ripper Case

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  • The Unsolved Atlanta Ripper Case

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    Here's a map I loosely plotted based on the map in the research paper linked below. You can see the crimes span the diameter of the city and hit right at the borders.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	atlantaripper2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	884.5 KB ID:	575155


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      Nice work, San Andreas Fault !!! I'll give it a gander later on today.


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        Not sure if you are aware of Jonathan A.'s Atlanta Ripper section here on The Forums:

        He's got a whole mess o' articles on the various incidents and murders.


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          Here are the residential anchor points of two of the main suspects, Henry Huff and Todd Henderson.

          Click image for larger version

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            I got the two suspect's addresses from Jonathan A's 3 and a half hour video on youtube.

            It seems pretty definitive from a geographic standpoint and I'll have to accept the results with Henderson moving to the top of the list, although he breaks all rules of a spectacular killer.

            I have him in the 1880 Census, age 2, in Atlanta. Parents were in Atlanta in 1870 so he's a local. He had at least 7 sisters in Atlanta (a nurse and a seamstress included) so he'd be terrorizing his own neck of the woods and his own family, especially attacking "establishment" women.

            This is the kind of geographic result people would be looking for in the Whitechapel Murders but I think it's a different ballgame. The Atlanta Ripper would have been less mobile and there was already the same type of violence going on regularly with non-stranger murders.