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  • A Warped Pair

    Yorkshire Ripper takes secrets of 'murderous relationship' with Jimmy Savile to the grave
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    Perhaps Prof Wilson is drawing rather a long bow speculating that Savile and Sutcliffe may have been been possible co- offenders in the Yorkshire and Greater Manchester murders,

    If one considers their personalities , Savile was very much the extrovert ,always seeking and basking in the limelight, by necessity Sutcliffe was the antithesis of this trait, solitary and secretive, While Savile was a predatory molester of young people ,there is nothing that would suggest that physical violence had a place in his offending. Well, at least from what we know of his track record.

    Maybe the only reason that Savile was attracted to the ' Yorkshire Ripper ' was the element of notoriety that surrounded him, largely promoted by the tabloid press of the day.

    Of course the commonality the pair have is that death has fortunately intervened!

    Just my two cents. worth>
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