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The Zodiac Special ( Murders At The Museum)

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  • The Zodiac Special ( Murders At The Museum)

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    Speaking of Zodiac, Steve Hodel suggests Zodiac (a.k.a. Dr. George Hodel) used Jack the Ripper's bloody knife drawing in a letter to police.

    I can't make that link work. It is so long I have no idea what the rest of it is. Anyway, the article isn't hard to find with a simple search and the text of the link says: new handwriting linkage george hodel uses jack the rippers bleeding knife drawing.... (The simple way to get there is , then select December, 2017.)

    It looks to me the particular JtR "bleeding knife drawing" may be one Patricia Cornwell linked to Sickert.
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      The original video link here is a well done re-cap of the case with a somewhat new suspect. If anyone slightly follows the case they will recognise the research.

      The first part of course discussed the Zodiac cipher letters. There are some other short videos available, specifically on ongoing attempts to translate what has not been worked out to date.

      Interestingly, one line in one letter is supposed to have the name of the Zodiac. One fellow worked out "Arthur Leigh Allen," which is the name of the fellow that was an obvious suspect except his fingerprints and DNA matched nothing.

      A different man used the same line and a different system to work out the name of another suspect named long ago.

      Both systems work, are easy to understand and are fully shared. The systems only work on the one line. I have no idea how two different, complex results can be obtained or how the results equal two different named suspects. It isn't like a suspect was named Joe Jon Jones or something simple and repetitive.
      The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript