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  • Maurice The Malay Cook

    Nina and I purchased a book entitled, Killers At Large by Nigel Cawthorne today. Its part of the Mammoth Series of Crime which feature the great Robin Odell ( Bizarre Crimes ) and Jakubowski & Brauund ( Mammoth JTR ).

    Page 39.....

    Mr. Cawthorne mentions a Malay cook in this book named Maurice.
    In The Times, in October 1888, a Malay cook is alleged to have threatened to kill prostitutes.

    The Austin Daily Statesman...according to Mr. Cawthorne... discovered that Maurice had been employed at the Pearl House in Austin and left in January 1886...just after the last murder there.
    Most of the Austin victims lived within proximity to the Pearl House.
    I am going to try to locate the article Mr. Cawthorne states discovered the Malay cook being in Austin during that time....unless someone else knows about this.
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    Caveat Ripperologist...

    Nina found several contentious claims in Cawthorne's book and this should be noted.
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      Bump Up

      Still trying to locate this Maurice fellow.

      Any luck on anyone's else's end ?

      Off the top of my head, the Times featured a story on the 8th of the month which was originally found in New York papers ( such as the Tribune on the 5th)...

      Here's an article from the 6th from Arkansas.

      Arkansas Gazette
      October 6th,1888
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