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The Cretinous Robbery Theory

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    PS Would it count slightly against Stride as a victim, who seems to have been pulled backward with her scarf?

    I'm in two minds whether the Ripper learned from Chapman where arterial spray was present, and may have been stemmed with her scarf


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      A possible explanation is that Chapman silently entered the passage alone, intent on reaching the toilet at the rear, followed unseen by the Ripper

      Similarly with Eddowes, a blitz attack basically

      By implication, Nichols also may have been followed and attacked suddenly from the rear--Nemo

      Like music to me ears Neems...those same thoughts occurred to me as well in the latter two cases in the past...I believe A.P. Wolf came up with the first one first... its tough to not consider those possibilities,isn't it ?
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        Yes Howard

        I've favoured the Jack the lurker theory in the past

        The above scenarios again have the implication that the Ripper was possibly following the women, or lurking at the crime scenes prior to the arrival of the victims

        I've long thought that a stranger could know all the ins and outs of Kelly's circumstances simply by lurking near the pump / toilets in Millers Court


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          First he lurks...then he blitzes.
          Not a bad theory at all, old man.
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            I think that theory may go against the roaming sailor or other person looking for a good time, and point toward a possibly completely poverty stricken Ripper who was forced to stay out all night due to lack of funds - or even the lunatic...


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              Hi Nemo,

              I tend to think that a poverty stricken man with hunger and thirst uppermost in his mind, along with where he is going to lay his head that night, is going to be rather helpless and hopeless in the "getting away with several mutilation murders" department - as would a man with not much mind to speak of in the first place.

              This killer was nothing if not confident, during those autumn months of 1888, in his own abilities to survive, operate and thrive in his chosen killing field and chosen occupation. Even with Stride, the murder itself was committed with brutal efficiency and seeming purpose. Any apparent lack of control initially (if this was BS man) must have been regained in pretty short order before he managed to spirit himself away into the night - for all the world as though she really did have only a boot scraper for company in her last seconds.

              I say 'chosen' killing field, because he did have at least one alternative to carrying on risking his neck on those same, lynch-mob happy streets by the end of September, if it was all proving too much for him; he could have given up the killing as not worth the stress, if he had insufficient means, and too little strength of body, mind and purpose, to take himself off just a few blocks where the streets were cooler.


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                Hi Caz

                I disagree with the statements in the first paragraph of your post

                Being homeless and penniless, or with a mental illness, does not prevent a person from being able to carry out the Ripper murders - certainly not helpless or hopeless

                Because you made these statements, I'm not sure if you are implying that the Ripper was sane and a man of means - confident and fit?

                I think a man on the breadline and probably who has lived his whole life in the East End is a good candidate for a man who is possibly out all night and familiar with the goings on in that area, such as police presence, the haunts of the women, and escape routes