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  • ***Werewolves Of War***

    This paragraph is found in the middle of an article written by Theodore Roscoe entitled "Werewolves Of War", which focused on murderers who appeared during the two World Wars.....

    It covers Fritz Haarman and U.S.Army Private Edward Leonski who murdered three women in Australia while stationed there as well as the "Blackout Ripper" Gordon Cumming.

    It appeared in the San Antonio Light "American Weekly" magazine section on July 4th, 1943.

    This caught my attention while perusing the article.

    " ....and that unidentified practitioned of frightfulness--Jack The Ripper---has been thought by some investigators to be of American origin, a product of the Civil War Reconstruction Era...

    Could this refer to a certain pimple-banishing cream merchant...or perhaps another American...such as the character James ( or Henry ) Shaw that Debra Arif and I and others have been trying to uncover more material on ?
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    If someone would like to read the Werewolves of War...I'll get it up tomorrow.
    I'll also put the article up as well....
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