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the Margate Beach suspect

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  • the Margate Beach suspect

    Some time back -in fact quite a long time back! - I definitely remembering reading about a suspect - as far as I can recall unnamed - who used to run open air religious services on Margate beach.
    That is all I can remember - I cannot find any notes I made, nor can I remember where I read this.
    Can anyone throw any light on this or am I going ga ga???

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    I'm not sure if it's connected, because this is a vague memory for me so don't quote me on it...

    Wasn't there an open air pulpit affixed to the building that was a coffee shop run by Stride?


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      I wasn't imagining it! Phew!
      I found this on Casebook:
      there 'was a popular belief in the 1890s that an eccentric clergyman who held open-air revivalist prayer meetings on the beach at Margate in the summer was Jack the Ripper; but there was probably no truth at all in this story.'
      This was at

      I don't think I ever found out anything about this story but I sure am gonna do some digging!
      Hi Nemo
      Many thanks for the message - I think you're right...