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***Martin Fido's Asylum Research : The Notes***

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  • ***Martin Fido's Asylum Research : The Notes***

    We can't thank Mr. Fido enough for sharing the following original notes he took while trawling the asylums in search of Anderson's Polish Jew nearly a quarter of a century ago.........

    Please feel free to comment on this thread...

    The first few rounds are on me Mr. Fido when we meet up this October !

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          Why workhouse infirmary records?

          Before people scream "Where are the ASYLUM records", I should point out that in 1986-7 when I did my work they were closed to the public under the 100-year rule. I had to go to the workhouse infirmary records and the quarterly dockets of pauper lunatics under the control of their parishes to find the names of inmates. After I had worked on these for some time, the curators of the GLC Archives told me that as I was a serious scholar, I should probably be permitted by asylums to see or be informed about their records. The only ones deposited in the archives were Colney Hatch's - the most important, happily, so those I saw directly myself. I only noted the data from them that interested me - and all the entries on Cohen and Kosminski are in the A-Z.

          For the other asylums, I telephoned and had librarians or archivists read out to me the entries on all the people I had traced through their referral data. I was too poor at the time to be able to afford travelling to Stone, Banstead or Leavesden, and the publishers' time constraint also argued against it.

          But what about private asylums and paying patients, you ask? Well, I wasn't concerned with them at all. I was following up my observations that Anderson's "poor Polish Jew' must have been Macnaghten's Kosminsky - (astonishingly never previously remarked) - and my discovery from reading all the senior police memoirs, and finding out as much as I could about those involved with the case, that Anderson (much to my surprise) was far and away the most reliable firsthand witness. This was something absolutely denied at that time by everyone except Richard Whittington-Egan and Donald Rumbelow. All other Ripperologists dismissed him as an empty liar who could have no reason except an attempt to save face for his pretences. Stephen Knight even made the erroneous claims that he was a Freemason and important party to the mythical Freemasons' plot, though Knight knew enough to see that Joe Sickert's silly claim that Anderson assisted in murdering Liz Stride couldn't be true. Nobody had done any research to support the anti-Anderson claims, which, then as now, were essentially being used to clear him out of the way in the interest of making the case for some other suspect.

          In the first instance I was only interested in finding Kosminski. And when the limitations of the records I had seen (stopping in 1890) led me to the wrong conclusions that he didn't exist and Macnaghten (demonstrably full of errors) had got the name wrong, I wanted to know who it really was they were talking about. This led me to David Cohen - so clear a fit that when I subsequently found Kosminski and saw at once that he was a most improbable Ripper candidate, I concluded that I was right about Cohen and there were hypothetical reasons for Macnaghten's misreading the name. (I was much influenced at that time by my discovery of Nathan Kaminsky, though I don't make much of him today: he is too completely a "coincidentally" fitting figure). Subsequently the Swanson marginalia emerged, and in trying to puzzle out their strange mixture of probable fact and implausible or inexplicable assertion, I suddenly realized that an unrecognized difference between two poor Whitechapel Jews followed respectively by the Met and the City would both explain many of the problems in the marginalia and offer a persuasive explanation for the confusion of Kosminski's name with Cohen that I had already postulated. American police officers with experience of overlapping jurisdictions have usually found this an extremely persuasive argument.

          With all that at the centre of my mind, I wasn't really concerned with private asylums or respectable-class suspects.

          All the best,,
          Martin F


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            Very nice Howard

            Many thanks Martin!


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              Thank you, How

              Thank you so much for that work, How.

              If anyone wanted to follow up the Hebrew seaman Andrew Anderson, they would be pursuing a line that interested me considerably, though I never had time to take it further.

              Martin F


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                'Twas a labor of love,Martin,'s my pleasure.

                I've set up a thread for Andrew Anderson, Jewish seaman.
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                  I tried to make a transcription of Martin's notes. I could not decipher everything and I am not sure about some words which I thought I could decipher, so please take everything with a dose of salt.


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                    NO Kaminsky OR
                    WEISSMAN in
                    Whitechapel parish electors,

                    Poplar Lunatics -
                    Lewis G. Isaacs born 1874
                    of 8 Addington Rd, Bow, (9 months
                    residence) Admitted Colney Hatch
                    13.2.92 Transferred to
                    Leavesden 31.5.92
                    Father - Samuel Isaac of above
                    Mile End Old Town Infirmary -
                    Creeds Register 1887-92
                    No Kaminsky or Golinsky

                    Whitechapel Infirmary -
                    Admission + Discharge, 1889-90
                    Asylum discharges and
                    Hebrew admissions during March 1889:
                    Simon Gripsbeam act 19, Single
                    Slipper-maker 1 Heneage St. The itch(?)
                    1 week settlement. Adm Mar 5th disch 18th

                    Gabriel Rosenberg, of 1 Heneage St,
                    act 25, married, tailor, skin eruption
                    9 weeks settlement. adm 7th disch 13th

                    Barnett Levy, act 84, hawker of 2
                    Thrawl Street, widower, [?], [?]
                    2 month settlement adm 7th disch 18th
                    [?] again with hernia, 19th-25th + again 31st

                    Edward [?], act 39, single, carman
                    of 12 Prince's St. Cof E. adm
                    7th March with [?] Disch to
                    Banstead 15th

                    Martin[?] Jennings, act 48, [line crossed out]
                    labourer of [line crossed out]
                    William Christy [?], 52,
                    Cab Proprietor(?) of 97 Backchurch
                    Lane, admitted insane 7th March,
                    disch to Banstead 15th
                    Abrahem Woodwide, act 57,
                    widower shoemoaker of 16 [?] Garden St.
                    adm 12 Mch with sprained ankle:
                    disch 8th April

                    John Thomas Milnes, 46 yr old basket case maker
                    of 10 Artillery(?) St, insane - adm 20th
                    March : disch to Banstead 3 March 1890
                    Lewis Kahn, 37 yr old RC
                    Cabinet maker married of 10
                    Cotton St adm. Insane 20th March
                    discharged 18th April

                    Louis Young, 31 yr old single
                    [?] of 1 Heneage St,
                    single, adm with bronchitis 22nd:
                    disch 13th April (V [?]
                    address - at least 3 Gentiles from
                    there in, too!)

                    Solomon Goldstein, 32 yr old
                    married hawker(?) of 17 Gun St.
                    adm with p[h]thisis, 26 March,
                    disch 13th April

                    Isaiah Doitsch, 30 yr old
                    * Single clerk of 99 Brunswick Bdgs
                    admitted insane 7.30 pm,
                    37th March. Died 27th april
                    * [?] of [?] Plough st,
                    admitted insane 5.25 pm,
                    March 28th. Disch to
                    Colney Hatch, 6th April

                    END OF MARCH

                    Michael Kidney -
                    36. From workhouse
                    with syphilis. 11th June - 24th
                    40 From 12 Thrawl St
                    with lumbago, 17th Aug 30th Sept
                    40 Oct 11th from 12 Thrawl
                    St with dyspepsia. Dischgd 15th

                    END OF
                    WHITECHAPEL INF,
                    NO Grolinsky in
                    Whitechapel Infirmary

                    Admission + Discharge
                    book, 1897-98

                    But, in that book,
                    Rebecca Kaminsky, act 58,
                    wife of Jacob Kaminsky (tailor)
                    of 1a Upper Chapman St,
                    admitted with hemiplegia.
                    Daughter Dinah said t be the

                    Solomon Goblinski - certified
                    permanently for Leavesden,
                    March 13, 1899
                    Data in Whitechapel Register of lunatics
                    in workhouse, 1888-9 (was there
                    3 days before certification.)
                    Sept 24th 1895 - Claybury Asylum
                    received(?) "Jim The Polisher"
                    (Bethnal Green book)
                    Seen - City of London
                    Bethnal Green, -1888-95
                    Poplar Shoreditch
                    Nathan Karnsky.
                    Born 1872. Admitted Colney Hatch
                    21 Dec 1899. Died there 9 July 1908
                    (in Bethnal Green book)

                    Edio(?) Karminskio(?) - apparently b. c. 1812 Admitted
                    Claybury (for Hackney) 28.9.93 N-o-[?] unknown
                    Name given
                    as KARONSKY in X20-13
                    workhouse X20/12
                    N Karnsky, to Workhouse, May 8th
                    13.6.99 To Bethnal House Asylum
                    May 13th Tranferred to London County
                    (=Heath Asylum) Asylum, Besley Dec. 21st
                    Date of birth now given as 1868
                    29 in 1902, 30 1903
                    Whitechapel Infirmary

                    Moses Kosseman - discharged 11.3.89
                    folio 360

                    Herman Kremp - discharged 9.3.89
                    Died of bronchitis folio 4 3 00 X 712.

                    Samuel Kline - disch. 17.5.89
                    folio 713

                    Sigfried Karpelles - disch 8.6.89
                    folio 743

                    Freden de Kijop (?) disch 1.3.90
                    folio 4600
                    Folio - w. 436
                    Andrew Anderson - Age 25. From Sailor's Home
                    Single. Seaman. Mani[crossed out] Adm for
                    mania. 2 yrs settlement Hebrew
                    Disch 12.6.89 to Leavesden Asylum

                    F. 521 Hyam Hyams. Age 34
                    adm from 4 Bell Court. General [?]
                    married. Weak mind. Hebrew
                    Disch 14.4.89 to Colney Hatch

                    f. 743 Sigfried Karpelles - Age 20, Adm
                    from 12 Thrawl St. Single, Salesman.
                    [?]. Hebrew. 3 weeks
                    disch. 8.3.89

                    f. 939 Charles Simmonds, Age 65 Of 26
                    Newnham St Widower Butcher
                    Mental aberration. 3 months. To
                    Colney Hatch 18.6.89
                    F. 2082. Morris Levin. Age 33.
                    101 Turner St. Tailor
                    Insanity. Hebrew. To Banstead Asylum

                    F 2316 Isaac De Fries. Age 22.
                    318 Mile End Rd, London Hospital
                    Fish Porter. Insane. Hebrew 21.9.89
                    to Colney Hatch

                    F 2434.
                    Israel Schatzki Age 33 P.C. H303
                    found in Tewson's Court. Married.
                    Furrier(?). Insane. Hebrew Disch.
                    No 18 1888
                    b. 1865

                    FF 1168. Nathan Kaminsky Age 23.
                    15 Black Lion Yard, [?]
                    Bootmaker. Adm for syphilis
                    [?] March 24th 1888 5.30 pm.
                    Hebrew. 12 months settlement. Disch

                    [?] Rd [?] Library 1923
                    981-6630 61
                    Other Kaminsky 16 1862
                    61 in 19
                    St Marylebone Register of Lunatics

                    Shoreditch Register of [?]

                    Poplar 1889-97 NO
                    1877-88 NO

                    City of London

                    Frederick Krettch(?), b 1844, no known
                    address dangerous to others incarcerated
                    Stone 3 Jan 88, disch 12 June 88

                    Nathan Leonard Koetosk, age 48,
                    admitted from City Infirmary to Stone 25 Feb 1896
                    Discharged to " " from Stone 29 Dec 1897
                    Nathan Leonard Koetosk back in
                    Stone from Infirmary 11 June 1898
                    * adjudic(?) to Willesden, June 1899

                    Bermondsey 1867-92

                    Hackney 1887-1901

                    St Pancras NO

                    Holborn NO

                    STEPNEY LUNATICS
                    Stepney M.E.O.T. Lunatics Register Sep. 1892-97
                    Aaron Sanders d. Colney Hatch, 10 Oct 1902
                    Admitted 27 Oct 1892. Supposed 9 days
                    insane. Father Moses Sanders, 92 Mile End Rd

                    Lewis Benjamin, alias Abraham Jacobs
                    (brother Joseph Benjamin, 10 Fieldgate
                    SN, Whitechapel) Adjudicateted to
                    Stepney from Cardiff Union, when in
                    Glamorgan County Asylum, 4.1.92
                    Previously Winson Green Asylum, B'ham
                    from 1.12.91 Escaped 8.10.92 Discharged
                    22.10.92 D.o.b. unknown *to see below

                    Morris Schafkin, b. 1871. No relations
                    known. Colney Hatch 1.12.93

                    Abraham Hochmanovich or Mouchmonour,
                    b. 1867, Father, Noah Mouchmonour
                    88 Chambers St, Leman St Transferred
                    from Leavesden to Colney Hatch 1.2.94
                    D. 19.4.07
                    Isaac Abrahams, b. 1847. Wife
                    Rachel A. of 11 Calverly St, Mile E
                    Adm. Colney Hatch 4.9.85, D. 14.2

                    Louis Rozinski b. 1865, wife Annie R
                    16 Baker St, Commercial Rd. Adm
                    Colney Hatch 22.11.95 Disch

                    Edward Cohen, b 1855, wife Leah C. of
                    114 Wentworth St. Cornwell St E,
                    Adm. Colney Hatch 23.6.97 Adjnd to
                    Whitechapel Bd 18.3.98

                    Whitechapel - 1897
                    Nacher Marks(?) sent to Colney Hatch July 27

                    Isaac Schmidoski, refined by police
                    30.7.97: Adm Colney Hatch 7.8.97

                    Lewis Benjamin - Police brought -
                    Oct 19, 1898. Doctors said sane
                    Wynne Baxter (now JP) sent him
                    to General Ward

                    Jacob Weinberg - To Colney Hatch
                    Nov 3rd 1898

                    Solomon Golinski - certified for
                    permanent detention, Leavesden

                    CHARLES GEORGE LUDWIG - brought -
                    to Whitechapal by Police as lunatic
                    11th March, 1897 Discharged is
                    fir, 27th Mrach [Register of Lunatics
                    in Whitechapel Workhouse]

                    Hyman Brodski to Colney Hatch
                    14 4 97
                    MOST IMPORTANT
                    STEPNEY - LIST
                    Register of Whitechapel Lunatics in
                    Asylums, 1879-1899

                    David Cohen, act 23, from 86
                    Leman Street Relatives unknown,
                    Adm. Dec. 21 88 sent to Colney Hatch
                    Died Oct 20 89

                    Isaac Cohen, act 31, Adm from
                    30 Dorset St 12.12.90
                    Relatives unknown

                    George Cordell, age 25 adm from
                    104 Lohesworth Bdgs. Father, Geor. C
                    of same address Discharge on Dec 11
                    1891 struck out (?)
                    (admitted Banstead, 12.11.88)

                    Thomas Debney, 35 of 30 Flowery Dean
                    adm Colney Hatch 17.10.89 Trans to
                    Leavesden. 19.10.96
                    Thomas Donoghue, age 38, of 90 Old
                    Montague St (wife Sarah)[crossed out] Elizabeth)
                    Admitted Banstead, Nov 16, 1888
                    d. Feb 1891

                    Hyam Hyams, age 34, adm Colney Hatch
                    from 4 Bell Court, adm. 1889
                    Disch August 1889

                    William Christian [?], age 52 of
                    97 Back Church Lane, to
                    Banstead, March 1889

                    Morris Jacobs Age 30, Address + relatives
                    unknown, Admitted Colney Hatch
                    10 Aug. 92 Transferred Leavesden.
                    May 94

                    Charles Jenkins, Age 42 of 15 Dorset St
                    No friends Adm Cane Hill, June 92
                    Mades Karinski, Age 22, Address + relatives
                    unknown, to Colney Hatch,
                    May 1899

                    Emmanuel Koch, Age 48 of 41
                    Commercial Rd, no friends,
                    adm. Cane Hill, May 92, transferred
                    Gloucester County Asylum, Nov 94,
                    d. March 96

                    NO KOSMINSKI (or
                    similar) from Whitechapel

                    Isaac Nathan, of 25 Sandy Row (father
                    same name + address) Age 24 in
                    1885, in Colney Hatch Dec 85 - Nov 86
                    When discharged
                    Israel Pearl, Age 16 of 14 Plough St (father
                    Simon) adm. Colney Hatch Apr. 6, 89
                    Disch. Aug. 30th 89

                    John Francis Shackleton of 55 Flowery Dean
                    (father Edw. of 25 Risinghill St, Pentonville Rd)
                    age 32, adm Banstead 28.12.88, died

                    Geo. Smith, age 21, Criminal lunatic, refused
                    to give next of kin admitted Banstead
                    25 11 92 d 10.4.94

                    Unknown Male from 12 Princelet St adm
                    Colney Hatch, 10.12.95 died 14.1.96
                    Age c.23

                    Solomon White - no details - Adm City
                    Asylum Stone, Feb 23, 1889:
                    transferred Banstead Sep. 89


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                      Nice going, Frank
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                        Thanks for sharing Martin, and thanks for posting How. Having been privy to some of the Islington Workhouse Records, and Poor Law Records in Howden I know how frustrating they can be, so appreciate the material posted here and the many hours it must have taken to collect it and write it all down.


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                          Bump Up
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                            Blimey those notes are neat! No 'remember to get teabags' and suchlike.


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                              Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
                              Blimey those notes are neat! No 'remember to get teabags' and suchlike.
                              Which probably explains the lack of tea stains.