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Was Jack the Ripper a Londoner with 20 wives who fled to Australia?

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  • Was Jack the Ripper a Londoner with 20 wives who fled to Australia?

    Have we heard of this guy?

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    Hi Tim. Sounds like a completely fabricated suspect and story to me.

    Yours truly,

    Tom Wescott


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      Hmm, Trove only come up for three hits for a Walter Thomas Porriott, two of them relate to this guy

      The other was from a 'Mrs W Porroit'

      . MRS. W. PORRIOTT nnd MISS M. O'LEARY. 228 Bowen Terrace. New Farm, wlrh to THANK all Relatives. Friends, nnd Neighbours for their help and klndnc:s. masses, floral tributes, letters, cards, nnd telegrams in their recent sad be reavement. Please accept this as our sincere personal Thanks.

      Lottsa hit for his 'alter ego', Andrew John Gibson, but can't spot any very likely in a quick look,
      Lacerta es reptiles quisnam mos non exsisto accuso nusquam


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        I posted or someone posted something about this person 5 years ago on the Forums.
        Another shot in the dark, this time from Down Under.
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          I have recently published an article about this man in The Best New True Crime Stories Well Mannered Rogues, Crooks, Rogues and Criminals. It documents his life, scams and marriages. I was unable to find evidence that he came out of England in 1888. The first known record so far uncovered is in Sydney in 1889 as Charles Chadwick, stealing money from the hotel where his mother worked.