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Three men still arrested

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  • Three men still arrested

    From Roskilde Avis, October 12th 1888:
    Many have been imprisoned and released again, but three men, that were taken Wednesday night, are still kept in custody.

    One came out of a pub and was followed by a whole mob of women who screamed "here is the Whitechapel-murderer!"

    One of the women claimed that he the night before had grabbed her on the street and threated to "rip her up".

    A boy claimed that he had seen him go into a yard and change clothes the morning after the latest murders.

    He refused to give his name and address, claimed he was a Scandinavian and on his way to America. He spoke with an American pronunciation.

    He was well-dressed and carried a gold watch with a thick chain.

    The second man has declared that he is the murderer, but the police find no importance in his statement; he is believed to be mad.

    The third, who was followed by a group of women, wanted to drive away with a cartman, but was arrested.

    It is most doubtful if the key to the riddle has been found in any of these cases.
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    Fantastic article, Kattrup.

    It shows once again that local people in the area were looking for an obvious JtR, one who changed clothes where he could be seen or who told a woman he would rip her up. In reality Jack must have seemed very normal and he did not arouse suspicions. That is why we really have no idea who he was to this day. People collectively in that time had no idea who he was.
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      Nice find, Kattrup.....thank you !
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