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  • Ah yes, Joe did an article on Sequah.

    Here's a very similar pic :


    • Originally posted by Debra Arif View Post
      I've seen a few Catholic records where the birth date is different on the baptismal record to the birth certificate.
      One family I've been looking at this week had children registered with a birth date that was later than the date of their actual baptism!

      We are still busy working on the A to Z!
      Baptised in the womb, perhaps?

      Sorry to jump the gun on the A-Z. It’s a book I am really looking forward to getting my hands on.


      • Originally posted by Debra Arif View Post
        Robert, it's "Sequah." I have been trying to find out the identity of this particular "Sequah" but haven't managed to yet. I came across several photographs of him in an archive and was intrigued by his youth and all that amazing hair. He'd have been better off selling Tatcho rather than puling teeth and curing rheumatism.
        If you zoom in on the hair and tilt the image to the right, there really does appear to be a cocker spaniel pup asleep on his head.


        • When PP was admitted to the STGITE infirmary on 26/8/1888, just three days after appearing at the Tabram inquest, she gave her address as North East Passage. I believe Debra discovered that and posted it on here some time ago. It’s also mentioned in Amanda Harvey Purse’s Martha.

          NE Passage was tiny and some distance from Poll’s usual stamping ground. John Satchell, her landlord at 19, George Street, also had a doss-house there. Perhaps that was what attracted Poll. Or possibly she had another connection to that short, narrow alley down by the Ratcliffe Highway. By 1893 she was living there with her husband-to-be, and in 1892 he claimed it had been his base for four years (another of Debs’s great finds).


          • Originally posted by Gary Barnett View Post
            I’m not sure these are all soldier 40869 or that 40869 is our Foggy, though I think both are likely.

            Thomas Fogarty Courts Martial


            Desertion/MA kit
            168 days hard labour


            Insulting language
            42 days hard labour


            Breaking from barracks/resisting escort/MA kit/drunk
            336 days hard labour


            Desertion/MA kit/Re-enlisting
            Fined £1


            Absence/theft and receiving/drunk
            168 days hard labour


            Poona (GCM)
            Escaping from confinement/desertion
            5 years
            Transferred from India to Portsmouth (4/5/82), then Millbank (17/5/82) and finally Chatham (27/5/82).

            Fogarty was discharged from the RA on the grounds of ‘ignominy’ on 22/5/1882. His 5-year prison sentence was remitted on 10/3/1885.

            I can’t seem to access the Chatham and Millbank prison registers that I found a while back. Going via Digital Panopticon, I can only get to transcriptions in FMP.
            Chris N reawakened my interest in Fogarty’s antics in India.

            And that lead me to this:


            Times of India 4th Jan., 1882

            Fogarty was presumably one of the soldiers. I wonder if the other was Patrick Linehan?


            • Colonel (later Lieutenant-General) Thomas Nuttall, the man who sent (a) Thomas Fogarty down for a 5-stretch at Poona. He was apparently a renowned shikarry (hunter) with the hogspear. Small world.



              • This illustration of the attack by the blind laces seller was printed in the IPN on 22/9/1888.

                I hadn’t seen it before, but I just spotted it on the excellent Whitechapel Murders File FB group. Thanks are due to Bruce Collie for posting it there.
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