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    An interesting rant from John Harmer, which has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Again the same old Masonic theories are given a lick of pristine B/S and hung out to dry.

    As a Master Mason, I think that I can debuk a few of Mr Harmer's wilder claims. Let's start with the penalties for spilling the beans on matters Masonic. Ghoulish as some of the threats against revealing aspects of the Craft may seem, rest assured that this merely reminds the candidate to take his obligations seriously. no more .no less.

    Among the punishments for 'singing', it is true that throat cutting, tongue plus heart removal and evisceration are on the menu. However, there is nothing to say that your intestines should be thrown over your left s shoulder. In the case of Annie chapman,her innards were placed behind both shoulders.

    Poor Catherine Eddowes had the misfortune to have had her's dangled over the Right shoulder.

    There is no mention of other organ removals or mutilation of genitalia in the any other Free Masonic literature. Harmer erroneously claims that symbolic Masonic emblems were cut into the victims torsos . Except in the hideous death of MJK , JTR would have been pushed for time to engage in a little art work.

    Another downright untruth relates to Prince Eddy who was undoubtedly a couple sandwiches short of a picnic and probably bisexual. If he had anything in common with Lord Randolph Churchill it may well have been that he was a member of the same Lodge (Royal Alpha) and they both were syphilitic. Dying at the age of 28, three doctors were to agree that the cause was pneumonia.

    So much for the fanciful tale of being incarcerated because his alleged lunacy and being subjected to a lobotomy by Dr.Gull. The first experimental lobotomies conducted in England we done by Dr Thomas Claye Shaw to treat patients suffering from General Paralysis of the Insane. Nowadays known as the final stages of syphilis. Given the Age that Price Eddy died, it is highly unlikely that he would have progressed beyond the early days 0f terminal syphilis.

    More nonsense come to light when Harmer informes us the at rthere was /is a Masonic Lodge at Kensington Place and other palaces. The initial mentioned is Royal Alpha No 16 which meets at The Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London and has done so since 1971. Since the 1800 hundreds this lodge has meet in various hotels, but never in a Palace.

    By no ,means is it true that all monarchs were Freemasons. Prince Charles, the clown in waiting, refused to follow his father into the Craft. Phillip was pressured to join after marrying the present Queen. Her father was 'on the square' and felt that the tradition should be continued , Ultimately, Phillip joined the Naval Lodge (2612) shortly before the death of George 6th in 1952. It was rumoured amongst certain factions that Phillip only was initiated into the Craft, but did not advance to the 2nd/ 3rd Degrees, however that may not be true. Whatever the case, he has kept a low profile in contrast to the Duke of Kent who has been Grand Master for ever and a day, perhaps to the chagrin of many an aspirant for the top job!

    What amuses me is why, despite numerous investigations into the perceived role of Freemasonry in the JTR murders being put to bed years ago do some people continued to see this fraternity in such a negative light? Like any other organization, there are people that join for entirely the wrong reasons and this is being demonstrated especially at Grand Lodge levels which has become a race to the top of the rat pack for some!
    PS Anyone that is interested , have a look at Striching Argus Research.
    Be nice to one another!