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Wigmaker of Wellington Street - A New Theory on Jack the Ripper

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  • Wigmaker of Wellington Street - A New Theory on Jack the Ripper

    Hi all:

    This is my first post here, so please let me know if I am running afoul of any rules I missed.

    I'm writing to introduce some of you to my new documentary, The Wigmaker of Wellington Street, which includes a new theory on a previously not-discussed suspect, the famed wig-maker Willy Clarkson, who was the Royal Costumer and Perruquier to Queen Victoria. I have received a fair sum of feedback on it, and there will be a revision to, among other things, remove title portraits that are based on photos in the public domain that are controversial as they were previously represented as authentic. But if you take a look and like it/hate it/ or most importantly, think there should be some revisions, please let me know. I am sure some or most of you won't accept the theory, but the evidence as I see it is sound, so I am looking for close scrutiny of it from people in the know, so I can have some confidence before I try to send it out to a wider audience. Any feedback at all is totally welcome and hoped for.

    Link is here:

    Thank you very much for reading and thanks in advance for any suggestions, including harsh critiques!

    pen name: P. William Grimm
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    Interesting. Iíve made some comments on Casebook.

    Thanks for highlighting Clarkson, Michael.



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      I am only part way through watching it. Great narration! As mentioned, some of the pictures are inaccurate and some don't seem to fit the particular murder being discussed though maybe they were depicted as seen in publications like IPN. The whole thing is very professionally done.
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        Clarkson has obviously been discussed over the years because of his claim that one of his wigs was found at a Ripper murder scene.

        Iíd missed him until now. What an interesting character. This is my favourite quote:

        ĎAnother wig allowed a man to seemingly open his head and set fire to his brainsí.

        Sounds like Terry Gilliam at his most Pythonesque.