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    Hi guys and gals.
    I have a letter dated 12th July 1889 naming 'Kosminski' that warrants research to the extent that I am reasonably inept of achieving. The letter is new to the public eye and has been professionally analysed by an expert of over thirty years experience and has assured me that the letter in 100% original to the time/period in paper, writing and wording.
    The letter reads -
    My Dearest Sister 12th July 1889

    I duly received your kind letter dated a few days since, and was made glad to hear that you were still content in your works. Praise be to almighty God. Before this reaches you the sad intelligence of the death of our dear sister Rachael Bell will have reached you. She departed this life on Monday last around nine o’clock after much suffering. This most stirring news is delivered as such a sad dispensation. But we will continue to fight the good fight. Walter sends his blessings. Mary’s health remains well. She shares no exceptional news of late other than a she took ctd. From the Jew Kosminski Wednesday week past. On walking alongside the fruit barrow poor Mary took such fright when the lunatic ran at her with those ghastly scissors yelling his devil tongue. Mary ran all the way back. It’s a wonder he hasn't hung for what he did to those poor girls and the terror he has delivered to poor Tilly. Please give my warmest tidings to brother Michael and sister Jenny. We pray nightly of their works. I remain yours in Christ. Dott.

    Best Regards

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    Is this the letter that was sold on eBay earlier this year? If so, you may find the following thread of interest:

    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen"
    (F. Nietzsche)


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      Yes it was Sam. Thanks.


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        Thanks for sharing that.

        What do you think of the letter's 'suggestion' that people in the area felt Kozminski was the perpetrator....yet, apparently, no one brought that to the attention of the authorities ?

        The letter ostensibly was written 5 days before the Mackenzie murder. I, for one, think that in addition to testimony given to the police that he liked to masturbate a lot and eat from episode such as the lunatic ran at her with those ghastly scissors yelling his devil tongue would have been noteworthy too....considering there was good reason to the letter writer to believe Kozminski had already murdered before ?


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          This is an edited portion of that letter that Tim purchased.....


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            The use of the word 'Jew' ( the Jew Kosminski) seems to me to carry a thinly veiled tone of oppobrium.
            Yet if, as someone just mentioned to me off the boards....Tilly was in fact Matilda Kosminski, who was obviously Jewish...the letter writer seems to have softened up a bit. Probably of no consequence...but I thought I'd mention it.


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              Hi How. Hope you're well.
              Maybe they did and the statements have gone missing along with many other statements/information. I really do not know the answer. Jeff Leahy asked me to put the letter on here to possibly help people in their research. That was the reason for purchasing the letter.
              I bought the letter in the belief that it is a fake and even called the seller's bluff alas, I had it analysed by a professional and was quite surprised to get the thumbs up. That's the reason I have only in the last couple of days put it anywhere for people to view. Otherwise, without professional verification, I would have been open to ridicule and negativity. It's on here for people to take reference in their own research as, I am not an avid researcher.


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                Fit as a fiddle over here, Tim.....thanks for your response !

                I might be overstepping myself here....but is there any way that the entire letter may be viewed ( I will move this thread to the Member's section if necessary or at your request) ?

                Thanks Tim.


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                  I tried to put pictures on of the letter but, it requires http thingy and I don't know how to do it. Ha !


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                    If you are able to scan it and send it via email.....please send it to

                    [email protected]

                    Before I actually post it...assuming you can scan it.....would you prefer it being displayed on this 'open' thread or on a new Members Only thread ?


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                      I'll send them in email attachments if that's ok How.


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                        Absolutely, Tim. Thanks !


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                          Originally posted by Howard Brown

                          If you are able to scan it and send it via email.....please send it to

                          [email protected]

                          Before I actually post it...assuming you can scan it.....would you prefer it being displayed on this 'open' thread or on a new Members Only thread ?
                          That's entirely up to you Howard. I don't mind either.


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                            Hi Tim

                            I'll just recap we think so far. Hopefully Karsten will join when he has time.

                            The language isn't catholic and the salvation army (In which book the letter was found) don't call each other Brothers or sisters. So we believe that it was sent by Quakers.

                            The Quakers had a strong connection to the Eastend were know to teach but also had an interest in health and asylums and general charity work.

                            We think TILLY is short for Matilda...Aarons Sister

                            But further research is required for Dott..Dorothy who wrote the letter and Rachael Bell (We wondered if she might be related to reverend Bell who invented the quaker teaching system)...We are also looking for a Walter and Mary who took fright.

                            We think they were in the Eastend

                            And brother michael and Sister Jenny were in Australia. We found some reports of quakers travelling to australia from the Eastend around this time.

                            I'd be interested if any of these names connect to the School records that were searched in relation to the Kozminski family...Especially as its possible the paper comes from a school log book that folded from the bottom..

                            We'll keep digging on this but another curiosity is that the 26th Earl of Crawfords son did charitable work at Oxford house in the Eastend...Could there be a quaker connection between Crawford and Sir Robert Anderson who was a member of the Brethren a quaker spin off..

                            Anyway those are my thoughts for now. In the past we have searched Jewish records, infirmaries, asylums and hospitals...If this letter connects the Kozminski's to the quakers ..Tilly is a very friendly term if Matilda..perhaps there are other areas for research the seaside home for instance

                            Yours Jeff


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                              These are the six scans sent by Tim.

                              Thanks again Tim !!!