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    Originally posted by Mark J D View Post

    So that's the same address Lechmere moved to in June 1888? Who was the guy?

    Mark D.
    I don’t know yet. Annoyingly, the Booth surveys rarely give names. I suppose the thing to do would be to check the ERs and try to ID him.

    I think I may have tried it before and drawn a blank. I’ll give it another go later today.


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      Originally posted by Larry Evilsizer View Post
      Thanks everyone for your responses, and especially Gary for providing ideas for me to further investigate my theory.
      You’re welcome, Larry. Of course, it’s almost certain that some vegetable produce came into Broad Street from the provinces and ended up at Spitalfields Market. I did once find a press notice about an L. & N. W. R. agent operating out of Spitalfields, but I can’t remember the exact details and I was unable to locate it yesterday when I looked.