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Is The Killer Jewish ?

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  • Is The Killer Jewish ?

    Evening News
    October 9, 1888

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    It's a valid point being made until you find out that the victims were more than likely strangled. Then wouldn't you have to conclude the opposite? A kosher butcher would obviously never strangle an animal before slaughter.


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      Evening News
      October 10, 1888


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        Jack the Skeater? The "Searcher" is the one who does the quality control, keeping an eye on everything and putting on the stamp of Koshur.

        None of the people at the time were aware that the victims were, in all likelihood, strangled into unconsciousness. Otherwise, they would have been holding up the Torah and saying strangling animals is strictly forbidden, so there is actually nothing that points specifically to a Jewish butcher.

        P.S. But that's an interesting method to weed out the Ripper if you think he's a Jew. Of course it would be even easier to weed him out if he was a Gentile who happened to be able to pass outwardly for a Jew even if it is a stereotype....


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          It would be odd if Mr Levy wrote "Skeater Board" for "Shechita Board". Perhaps someone in the newspaper's office was writing from dictation, and misheard.


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            Reading about Shechita, I learned that there's not just the prohibition against strangulation but against any type of rendering an animal unconscious, including the use of a bolt. I was inadvertently left in a Gentile slaughterhouse and wandered in during the slaughtering of a bull. I never knew exactly what that gun did to the bull, but now I see it stuns him with a bolt that shoots out and recoils in, and doesn't fire a bolt or a nail like a bullet into its head.

            Anyways, kosher butchers resist being forced to stun animals before slaughter. I guess it would create a blemish and retard the bleeding process. It's no different than strangulation.

            So would a crazed but skilled Semitic butcher go against all practice and choke a woman out before knifing her?