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Fifty Nifty Points About RDS

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  • Fifty Nifty Points About RDS

    How Brown's Nifty Fifty

    1. There is no evidence that he practiced black magic.

    2. There is no evidence that he met Lord Lytton in 1863 as Stephenson claims.

    3. There is no evidence that he met Lord Lytton in 1860 as has been claimed by the two authors of books on the man. There's no evidence he EVER even met Lytton.

    4. There is not a single reference to Stephenson knowing Madame Blavatsky prior to the Lucifer article commissioned by the gargantuan Theosophist.

    5. There is not a shred of evidence that Stephenson indulged in occultism on his own.

    6. There is not a shred of evidence that he indulged in occultism with others.
    7. There is not a shred of evidence that the story of his encounter with a "witch" in the Italian hills is anything more than a plagiarism of an 1836 Lord Lytton work.

    8. That Stephenson went to the Cameroon a full decade before the first Brit stepped foot in that area ( 1875) is false.

    9. That the "bloody box of ties" indeed were blood stained. There's no proof,obviously,that blood was the liquid which stained these alleged ties.

    10. That Stephenson was "arrested" "detained" or questioned for anything involving him in any capacity in the WM.

    11. That W.T.Stead "believed him to be the veritable Ripper" really means that W.T. Stead would employ Stephenson during the same time he felt he was the Ripper to write TWO articles in 1889 for the Pall Mall Gazette. A tongue in cheek comment turned into a "fact".

    12. That Stephenson ever stepped foot in India is not proven and probably another lie told by Stephenson.

    13. That Stephenson ever stepped foot in America is not proven and probably another lie told by Stephenson.

    14. That Stephenson "fulfills" ANY of the points that Melvin Harris used to determine how Stephenson "fit" the stereotypical "sexual serial killer". Nothing in Stephenson's known history shows this whatsoever.

    15. That Stephenson "converted" back to Christianity due to the efforts of Victoria Woodhull is false. That Stephenson used the alleged "occultist" name of Roslyn Donston when married in a Christian church in 1876 and even PRIOR to this ( 1872) indicates nothing to claim Stephenson "broke" with Christianity in the least.....

    16. That Stephenson killed his wife is false.

    17. That Stephenson had a "medical degree" is false. Stephenson actually claimed to have TWO degrees during research done on him..both times without any evidence whatsoever.

    18. Contrary to the cover of the most recent book on RDS, there is no evidence he was a "Satanist".

    19. That no one knew what Stephenson was doing while in the London Hospital for 134 days is false. The man who jokingly said he felt RDS was the veritable Ripper is the reason this is false. Letters from Stead & Stephenson were seen by George Marsh in late December 1888.

    20. That Stephenson could traipse the London streets at night or even during the day from July 1888 to early December 1888 is proven false.

    21. That Stephenson faked his illness ...a fact conjured up in light of the fact that the original rationale for Stephenson entering the London Hospital was found in error.

    22. That Stephenson "fled" the Hospital on December 7th,1888 is false. Stephenson signed out. Had the police needed him for anything and had he been "looked" for,it flies in the face of reason that he would venture to see Inspector Roots in that very same month....and gave the police his correct address.

    23. That Stephenson had a bolthole on Leman Street is unproven.

    24. That Stephenson hailed from a wealthy family is incorrect. Middle income is more like it.

    25. That Mabel Collins and Vittoria Cremers "believed" he was the Ripper is unproven regarding the former lady and ridiculous in the latter woman.

    26. Evidence that "Sudden Death" refers to some gambling term used in the 19th Century hasn't been provided.

    It does refer to a term used in the game of "solitaire".

    27. That Stephenson was up to no good in 1868 when shot in the thigh by Thomas Piles,since the latter was reputed as a smuggler is unproven.

    28. That Stephenson contracted venereal disease which led to his dismissal from Customs House in late 1868 is unproven. Likewise that Stephenson ever had venereal disease is unproven.

    29. That his penchant for drawing little triangles with his fingers,fastidious cleaning of his person,lack of appetite and other quirks make him anymore sinister than anyone with OCD is unproven.

    30. That he witnessed or turned a blind eye to a Chinese man being killed in the USA. Redundant,since there is no proof he ever left Britain after 1861.

    31. That he spent 15 America,once again... looking for a man who jilted his second cousin.....second cousin !! ...and brought back a handkerchief with the "victims" blood.

    32. That Stephenson admitted to being the Ripper ( see page 214 of the True Face ) is false.

    33. That Stephenson's pronouncement that Dr.Morgan Davies was the Ripper ever resulted in a serious inquiry into Dr.Davies,once more showing how little the police took his word in the matter of the WM.

    34. That he also killed an African witchdoctor ( redundant,since he never went to Africa ).

    35. That within "JTR,Black Magic Rituals" on page 247...the statement that Mabel Collins was first attracted to Stephenson from his December 1st,1888 letter is false. The liason began after Collins first read his pieces in 1889 and while he was in the London Hospital for the second time....and for chloralism. This may be found in Mystical Vampire,written by Ms.Kim Farnell,a Collins biographer.

    36. That Stephenson bankrupted Mabel Collins is false. Collins became bankrupt due to the Cheap Books Movement,again within the book by Ms.Farnell, a Collins biographer.

    37. That Collins and Stephenson were "lovers" is unproven. Stephenson did not live under the same roof as Collins in Southsea ( see the O'Donnell Manuscript).

    38. In the chronology in JTR BMR...on page 247,it is mentioned that Cremers visited Southsea...and saw that Cremers ( the author meant Collins) was living with Stephenson in March 1889. This is false. Cremers came back to England in 1890 .

    39. That Stephenson came up with the original name of the Pompadour Cosmetic Co. is unproven. In the future,there may be more on this stay tuned.

    40. That Stephenson described himself as "unmarried" on the Hospital register in mid 1888 has now been corrected to show it stated, "married" by the letter "m"... There is no status for unmarried,as that classification does not exist at the LH.

    41. That Stephenson beheaded anyone ( see The True Face of JTR ) is baseless.

    42. That Stephenson was "suicidial" prior to meeting Virginia Woodhull.

    43. That Mrs. Woodhull was a former prostitute as promulgated by the two authors is now known to be false.

    44. That he was ever in HMS Coast Guard as he mentioned on the 1871 census.

    45. That he was ever a practicing or non-practicing physician as mentioned on the 1881 census.

    46. That Stephenson did NOT write any hoaxed letters is some sort of fact,when in fact,its not. No one can say for sure.

    47. There is any evidence of a ritual involving the organs of dead prostitutes which Stephenson mentions in the December 1st, 1888 article in the Pall Mall Gazette....yet.

    48. That he had anything to do with the death of Edmund Gurney or even knew the man. Gurney committed suicide in Brighton in 1888, prior to RDS leaving for London.

    49. That there is anything within the Roots Report which casts suspicion on Stephenson as a viable suspect.

    50. That we will ever know whether the police did anything regarding the deposition supplied by George Marsh on December 24th, 1888, as far as an investigation into the claims Marsh made about Stephenson.
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