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    A thread for minor observations or correcting of errors concerning Pearson that do not warrent a dedicated thread.
    "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"

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    From Karen's blog, Oct 28, 2007

    Just because Dr. Alfred William Pearson was not a fellow of the University does not mean that he was not a brilliant physican/surgeon. If he had been a Fellow of the University, he would have been too busy to extract the internal organs of prostitutes for the Ripper team in 1888.
    Dr. Pearson never attended any University in Edinburgh.

    The only formal education Dr. Pearson received was from Queen's College, Birmingham, and that was a non-University qualification in the form of an L.M.
    "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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      Dr. Pearson and the BMA.

      Dr. Pearson was elected to the Birmingham and Midlands branch of the British Medical Association in 1877 (interesting enough as Mr. Pearson, as he was unable as yet to practice medicine). He is also listed as a member in 1878, 1879, 1880/81 and 1882.

      In all the years where he is listed, it's worth noting that Dr. Pearson was an Ordinary Member. So far no record has appeared of him serving on the Council or any commitee with the BMA. That could well change as the years go by, but so far there's little indication of any "eminence" to his membership in the Association.

      He doesn't appear on the annual membership list for 1884, or 1885/6 which is interesting, since It's possible that it was a simple oversight--I have checked the additions corrections for the lists, but still nothing. If for some reason he wasn't in the BMA for 1884, it might explain why the BMJ doesn't appear to carry announcement regarding his appointment as the District M.O.
      "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"