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Tumblety in 1900 Census

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  • Tumblety in 1900 Census

    Tumblety in 1900 census
    State: Maryland
    County: Baltimore
    Township: 4 Precinct, Baltimore City
    Street: N. Liberty
    House Number: 220
    Head: Catherine Howard
    Born Jan 1866
    Age 34
    Born Chicago
    Mother: Mary A Coyle
    Born July 1846
    Age 54
    Born New York
    Francis Tumblety
    No birth date given
    Place of Birth: Maryland
    Father's birthplace: Ireland
    Mother's birthplace: Ireland
    Profession: Physician

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      If you're wondering how Tumblety kept himself occupied in Baltimore in 1900, then just read what Tumblety's Baltimore attorney, Robert H. Simpson, had said about it. Simpson's testimony is taken from probate records which were discovered by Michael Sandknop.

      A: ...there was a lady, I never could find out who she was; (Tumblety) told me she lived on Pierce Street; he had taken a little boy out.

      Q: Do you mean Dr. Tumblety had taken a little boy out?

      A: Yes, sir; he had met him on the street and talked to him and bought him some candy, some confectionery and such as that and took him to the Park.

      Q: What park?

      A: Druid Hill Park; he put him on the car and took him out to the park and it seems as if the little boy went home and told his mother some story; however the little boy told his mother where Tumblety could be found; I don't know what occurred; but I drew my influence from what I heard from different policemen and what I heard about it, and I suggested to him to give the woman a hundred dollars and let her go; this was also in the year 1900.

      Q: From your knowledge of the man at that time what, in your opinion, happened, from what you knew?

      A: My candid opinion about it is that he had a habit of resorting to unnatural practices on little boys; he (was) watched very closely and frequented our parks a good deal.

      Q: Watched by whom?

      A: The policemen, and he would dodge around and sometimes he would be at Patterson Park and sometimes Druid Hill Park.