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"Ode to the Indian Herb Doctor"

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  • "Ode to the Indian Herb Doctor"

    This is new to me - it is from the Daily Alta California dated 17 June 1870
    I don't know if Tumblety penned these lines himself

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    Hi Chris

    It's here, part of a longer poem :


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      Keeping with the herb doctor theme to this thread, I've dug up a couple of old news items.

      While reporting on Tumblety, the Bucks County Gazette of Dec 13, 1888 had this to say:

      His "herb doctoring" finally became unprofitable in America; so he went to London, located near the Whitechapel road and for a while did a big business.

      The Oct 8, 1888 Bridgeport News:

      An American who used to live in New York, and who now keeps an herb shop in the Whitechapel district, was visited by a detective at his place this week.

      The Oct 8th article didn't provide the name of the former New Yorker. I wondered if a business license was needed to operate a Whitechapel herb shop back in 1888. If so, perhaps such a license would give us the owner's name and the exact street address. So back in August 2017, I had an email exchange with the Tower Hamlets Local History and Archives. I will share some of that exchange on my next post.


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        I asked the folks at the archives if a business license was needed to operate a Whitechapel herb shop in Oct 1888. If one was indeed needed, then would their archival site preserve such a license? Their answer was:

        We don't hold business licenses and are not aware of such licenses having existed. A colleague at London Metropolitan Archives informed us that they hold records of licensed victuallers, but not records for such a business such as an herb shop. As far as he is aware, shops at that time didn't require licenses.