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  • Tumblety/Townsend

    Recently, I read a post in which the poster suggested that the man who arrived in New York from France in late 1888 under the name "Townsend" wasn't Francis Tumblety.
    This article demonstrates that Tumblety used the surname years later in 1903.

    St Louis Republic
    May 29, 1903

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    No comments on this as yet, I see.
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      Here is some of the Probate Court testimony taken in St. Louis, Missouri in 1905 that relates to Tumblety using the Townsend name when he was registered into St. John's Hospital in 1903:

      Q: Your name is Sister Mary Theresa, I believe?

      A: Yes sir.

      Q: You are the Superioress of the St. John's Hospital?

      A: Yes sir.

      Q: Sister, I will ask you to identify that book (handing witness the book.) Is that the book you make entries in of those coming to your hospital?

      A: Yes sir.

      Q: And this entry here "F. Townsend", who wrote that in there?

      A: A patient who called himself Dr. Tumilty afterwards.

      Q: You requested this patient when he came to your hospital to write his name in that book, did you, Sister?

      A: I wanted to write and he took the pencil and wrote it himself.

      Q: And this is the name he wrote in there?

      A: Yes sir.

      Q: Who wrote the name "Francis Tumilty" underneath it?

      A: I did.

      Q: After you found out his real name?

      A: Yes sir.

      It sounded like Tumblety wanted to personally write the Townsend name in the registration book as opposed to dictating it to the Sister. I wonder if that old book is still around somewhere. The exact name of the Superioress was Sister Mary Teresa Gillis (1854-1930).