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    Daily Illinois State Register
    Springfield, Illinois
    December 16, 1888

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    Here are a couple of examples of Dr. Tumblety having been perceived as an attention seeker. The first one comes from Colonel George T. Denison in his writing in The Canadian Magazine. The Colonel wrote of how he was approached by Tumblety in Toronto. Tumblety told him that on the previous day, his horse got loose on King Street and caused some damage. Denison wrote:

    The doctor was summoned before the Police Court, and was fined for leaving his horse untied. From his demeanor as he told the story, I was satisfied he had planned the incident purposely in order to attract attention and to advertise himself. I looked up the report in the newspapers and found he had stated accurately what had happened.

    The second example comes from the court testimony of Mrs. Eleanor R. Elsheimer in May 1905:

    My oldest brother, the physician, said at one time in Chicago he saw Dr. Tumilty come up to a little bookstore and pick up a book off the stand and put it into his coat pocket. Of course he was arrested for it and when searched they found several thousand dollars on him. He only did it for the notoriety of it, or to attract attention.