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In Town To Buy Real Estate In 1890

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  • In Town To Buy Real Estate In 1890

    St. Louis Post Dispatch
    May 4, 1890
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    Tumblety once presented an affidavit from John J. O'Neill to Sir Edward Thornton. After a good dig into my closet, I came up with a copy of it. It was written in 1873. Here it is:

    My name is John J. O'Neill, age twenty-seven, occupation notary public, residence 909 North Fourteenth street, St. Louis.

    In the month of February, in the year 1865, I formed the acquaintance of Dr. Francis Tumblety, which acquaintance continued up to the time of his arrest in the month of May following. I was frequently at his office during that time and had excellent opportunities of noticing the extent of his practice.

    I noticed quite a number of patients in waiting the first time I called. On each subsequent visit his practice appeared to increase, till, at the time of his arrest, he must have been doing an immense business. I remained at his office about an hour on one occasion shortly before his arrest, and during that hour from fifteen to twenty persons called to see him on professional business. I frequently inquired of him the extent of his practice, and learned that it was paying him from two or three hundred dollars a day. I saw his safe a few days prior to his arrest in May (there were) between two and three thousand dollars in gold. This, I have since learned from parties who made the arrest, was seized and turned over to Colonel Baker, Provost Marshal General, at that time in charge of the District.

    During his stay in St. Louis, Dr. Tumblety had made a host of friends, and were it not for his arrest, would, judging from his success while here, be still in the enjoyment of a magnificent practice. I am a member of the (27th) General Assembly of Missouri, representing the Eight District of the City of St. Louis.

    John J. O'Neill
    3 June 1873


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      John J. O'Neill (1846-1898) appeared to have been supportive of Tumblety over a long period of time. They met in 1865, and 25 years later here in St. Louis in May 1890, Tumblety was still using O'Neill's writing as some kind of personal endorsement.

      Even when Tumblety was arrested in Washington DC in Nov 1890, he had in his possession a letter from O'Neill.