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    Hi Nemo,

    Glad you enjoyed it. In this instance I get the feeling it was one quack helping himself with the testimonials. "One for all, and all for me" he was heard to cry.

    It has always seemed to me that Dr T amassing $138,000 in cash [$32,000,000 today] plus bonds and diamonds, would have required him to sell more than just pimple banisher.

    At the start of this thread I identified advertisements from Pratt & Butchers and a Doctor Lawrence operating from premises adjacent to known Tumblety addresses. If we add to these Dr. Ricord, Dr Jacques, Dr. Craig and H.H. Warner & Co we begin to see that Tumblety was masterminding an empire, and I think even more names will start falling out of the woodwork.

    There's still some mileage to be had from the Dr. Khan Anatomy Museums in London and New York angle. I'm convinced there's a Tumblety connection in there somewhere, so I'm off now with my pick and shovel to do a spot of digging.




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      There was an anatomy museum in that building in Rochester where Tumblety worked circa 1856

      I read that a lot of his money came from shrewd investments

      Strange that he was short of £2 while in the UK

      Keep up the good work Simon - absolutely fascinating stuff


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        Originally posted by Simon Wood View Post

        It looks as though Tumblety operated under a number of different trade names, and had no reservations about using one to promote another.
        In all seriousness, this guy was too busy to be a serial killer. He was a non-stop grifter of the highest order.


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          Dear Simon:

          I went back a few years and found this.

          Its from December 19,1844 ( Eighteen Forty-Four) and found in the New York Herald
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            Here's another one from March 1st, 1845 ( New York Weekly Herald )

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              Hi Howard,

              Thanks for those. Great minds think alike.

              I think I've found the Tumblety trade link with London. If I'm right we can put him just over a mile from Whitechapel.

              I burned the midnight oil on this, so I'm going to have a nap now before posting a full account.

              See you later.




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                Dear Napster;

                Here is a caricature of the Dr.Philippe Ricord who was not a quack at all and in fact learned his medicine here in Philadelphia.

                Links or connections between Tumblety & Ricord include:

                1. Philadelphia
                2. Baltimore ( Ricord's birthplace)
                3. Paris ( Tumblety claimed, but Ricord WAS at the Seige of Paris)
                4. New York
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                  Not to forget that Tumblety liked to be known as the "Great American Herb Doctor".....while Ricord was referred to as the "Great American Doctor". He was one of the most decorated men in Europe, more than 200 crosses,medals,insignias,and emblems to his name. He was born 15 minutes before the turn of the 19th century.

                  Ricord was considered among the first,if not first, to employ mouth to mouth resuscitation...

                  He was the first to suggest periodical vaginal exams for women and the developer of the classification of the three stages of syphilis, which he proved was different from gonorrhea.
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                    I must say that this thread is in the running for "Thread of the Year."

                    Three key points to remember:

                    * The July 5, 1881 NY Sun had a man calling himself Dr. Ricord who worked out of the same address where McGarry claimed to have met Tumblety a year later.

                    * Simon teaches us that in 1871, the real Doctor Phillipe Ricord was made Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor for his services in the ambulance corps during the siege of Paris.

                    * The March 22, 1884 NY Times reported that a man named Joseph Jacques used the alias Dr. Ricord.

                    I think we should leave open the possibility that more than one quack could have used this alias.

                    Thanks for sharing your research with us, Simon.


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                      I think we should leave open the possibility that more than one quack could have used this alias. -Joltin Joe C

                      Beat me to it,old man. Thats what I had intended to put on one of the two or three posts this morning...that the Dr. Ricord that Simon found is the Quack and the one I found is the Real Le McCoy....from Baltimore going back into the pre-1850's.

                      But...does the possiblity exist that the one I found from 1844-1845 was also a Quack well before the 1870's using the REAL Dr. Ricord's name ?

                      Of particular interest to me and Nina has been the Siege of Paris link to the two.

                      Tumblety, ever the liar, claims he served there ( See Tim Riordan's work in the June 2008 Ripperologist article)....but Ricord really was there...
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                        Doing a double take here, I noticed the name of the "school" that this quack Louis Kahn/Jacques/Ricord in 1881 is alleged to have hailed from...

                        Its the same school as the one the phony Philadelphia based "diploma mill" doctor, John Buchanan ran in the 1870's and 1880's. There's a lot of information on Buchanan here on the Forums.

                        Tumblety and Buchanan were in Philadelphia at approximately the same time. I need to get myself over to that Buchanan thread and get the exact dates
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                          Philadelphia Inquirer, August 5, 1880... Page 3- Spaniard in Barcelona recieves diploma in the mail erroneously,turns it in to proper authorities who are sent to re-arrest the already "on bail" John Buchanan, owner of the Eclectic Medical College of Pa. Buchanan's bail was $ 12,000.
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                            Post 10 shows a clip from the New York Sun.

                            Simon, see if you can get a hold of the January 29, 1889 New York Evening Sun. That issue supposedly talked of Tumblety, but I've never been able to read it.


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                              Hi Howard and Joe,

                              "I think we should leave open the possibility that more than one quack could have used this alias."

                              I agree. Nothing is set in stone. So far all we have is a tangle of coincidental addresses, names and pseudonyms connected with patent medicines.

                              The equation goes like thisó

                              In July 1881 the NY Sun met a man calling himself Doctor Ricord working out of 7 University Place, New York.

                              In July 1882 Martin McGarry claimed that Tumblety had rooms at 7 University Place, New York.

                              In March 1884 the NYT reported that a man named Joseph Jacques used the alias Dr. Ricord.

                              Various advertisements for Doctor Ricord's restored manhood product listed the agent as Jos. Jacques, 7 University Place, New York.

                              Doctor Ricord and Joseph Jacques were names being used by Lewis J. Kahn, who also used the name Lewis J. Jordan. In London, 1872, Dr L.J. Kahn, founder of the Anatomical Museum, narrowly missed being prosecuted for publishing "pornography".

                              The equation got a further twist when Joseph Jacques endorsed the products of H.H. Warner. Hulbert Harrington Warner was a multi-millionaire patent medicine magnate from Rochester, NY, Tumblety's home town.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	WARNER PIC.jpg
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ID:	549959

                              So far all of this has a certain symmetry, so let's push our luck and see where it leads.

                              Tumblety had business interests in England.

                              So did H.H. Warner. His patent medicine empire spanned the globe, with offices in Australia, Canada, India, Germany and England.

                              From 31st August 1881 to 31st August 1888 total US sales amounted to $9,358,303.77 with profits of $3,035,682.37. From 31st August 1883 to the same end period Canadian earnings were $437,993.16 with profits of $55,242.65.

                              Warner's English branch opened in 1886, taking a page-length advertising column in The Times. In December 1887 his London premises were damaged by fire, but in the three years to December 1888 earnings totaled £118,707.01 [$593,505].

                              Tumblety, who crossed the Atlantic on regular occasions, would have been hard-pressed to match Warner's earnings on sales of his pimple cream, so was he perhaps working for Warner? This would certainly have accounted for his lavish lifestyle.

                              H.H. Warner's premises were at 47 Farringdon Street [about a mile from Whitechapel]. In 1889 he decided to sell his operation to an English consortium. A new company [H.H. Warner and Company Limited] was formed, with Warner himself retaining an interest.

                              Two of the English Board of Directors had tenuous Ripper connectionsó

                              The Chairman was The Rt. Hon., the Earl of Crawford, who wrote to Robert Anderson introducing an unknown woman with information about the Whitechapel Murders, and another member of the board was Sir Charles Edward Howard Vincent, Director of the CID from 1878 to 1884.

                              I shall keep digging.




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                                That we could only determine the names of the two men who bailed him out...

                                Simon: The Earl of Crawford you've mentioned here is the same (Balcarres )who was mistakingly thought to have written the Dec. 1st PMG article which RDS wrote and had some connection to a Druitt related story,isn't he?

                                Great stuff.
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