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Shocking Discovery Near Liverpool

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  • Shocking Discovery Near Liverpool

    Originally a supplement to the
    Manchester Courier
    March 19, 1892

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    Hello Howard

    A possible mystery solved. Richard Crooks, a poster on the Yo Liverpool forum posted the following image of a ledger in which his great uncle, a railroad crossing keeper, practiced penmanship and drawing based on things that had appeared in the press. It might seem that the drawing the railwayman did of the elevation and plan of Dinham Villa might have been copied from the Manchester paper. Richard wrote, "Hi - I just found your forum searching for Dinham villa - I have something that might be of interest - my great uncle kept a railway crossing in lincolnshire and to practice his handwriting copied stuff out of the newspapers into a journal - included is this sketch of the house and where the bodies were found and a few other details..." Below is the image from his great uncle's journal.

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      How about that CG !
      It sure looks very similar to the sketch in the newspaper.