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Bekendmaking !!! ( Wanted Poster of Hendrik De Jong in Dutch)

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  • Bekendmaking !!! ( Wanted Poster of Hendrik De Jong in Dutch)

    New York Herald
    November 1, 1893

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    I'm not 100 percent positive at this point in time.....but the Dutch wanted poster may be the first known wanted poster of a man who was (rightly or wrongly) contemplated being Jack The Ripper with his depiction on it.

    Anyone know otherwise ?


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      I have no idea and I have almost zero knowledge of Germanic languages.

      HOWEVER=> We have been contemplating the four women said to have been murdered in Oostberg, Cadzand, The Netherlands, as reported in early September 1893.

      This de Jong fellow went to London also. Interesting.

      Keep digging, How, we might find a pattern.
      The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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        That thought didn't escape me either....

        The Oostburg report, however, doesn't match up with what is known about De Jong or his murderous career.

        I'm going to gulp down one more cup of coffee and post the series of articles on De Jong that I located last night.

        P.S. Anna....the translation of the wanted poster is at the bottom of that post ( Dutch to English )


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          The Oostburg murders:

          These happened on 30 augustus 1893, at the hamlet Marolleput (also spelt Marollenput), between Oostburg and Nieuwvliet, in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Zeeland province, Netherlands

          The three murdered wives were the widow Maria Theresia Bert-Banckaert (74) and her two daughters Melanie Octavie Bert (41) en Rosalie Lampier-Bert (39). They were killed with a 'eegdetand', the 'tooth' of a harrow.

          The man of Rosalie, 32-year old cowhand Machiel Lampier was prime suspect. In November 1893 he made a full confession. He wanted to run away with his new love to America, so he had to kill his wife.

          As his wife lived with her mother and sister, he had to kill them too, otherwise they would have betrayed him, so he said. He also needed the savings of the mother, otherwise he couldn't pay the boat tickets.

          He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He died in prison (or in a lunatic asylum, according to one unreliable source) in 1931.



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            Bedankt Mijn goede vriend !


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              It's interesting to get the rest of that story. Thanks, Bart!

              That killer must have been extra crazy.
              The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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                Extra crazy and extra stupid, I would say. Harrie Timmerman, one of the founding fathers of police Cold Case Teams in the Netherlands, once told me that most criminal acts are committed in such a very stupid way, that it takes a moron not to solve them.